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When i unfolded the paper, what i saw was” visit me on Sunday for an important issue”
and also her address.
What could be that naw?
I tried to call her number but it was switched off. I went home with so many thoughts on my mind.
When i got home,my madam was in her room,
i greeted her but her response was low and i entered my room.
I took my bath and reclined on my bed.
After for some minutes,she called me. She asked me why didnt i swept the house in the morning
before i left and i told her that i did that.
”you swept what? Shut that trash, why was sand everywhere in this house”? She said.
”where is the sand”? I replied.
Does it mean,am lieing?
She said.
That’s not what i mean” i replied.
She looked at me in annoyance and went back to
her room. That nite,she didnt gave me food. I slept off and woke up very early in the morning
bcos hunger couldnt allow me to sleep well.
I went to the market and entered one resturant nearby and feed myself bcos i opened our shop and tidy everywhere.
Bathlomeo called me outside but i refused to answer him.
Soon my phone ranged and picked it ***

Me: * unknwn number * hello, who is this?

Caller: * a matured female voice * am i speaking to igwe?

Me: yes, who are you?

Caller: sharp sharp.

Me: * feeling so happy * good morning ma…

Mrs sharp sharp: igwe how are you?

Me: am fine ooo,how is our baby?

Mrs: he is fine… So you travelled and you didnt inform me, and you abandoned me and
your baby, is it fair?

Me: it was just an emergency….

Mrs: emergency! that you couldnt call to inform me.

Me: am so sorry ma.

Mrs: no problem.. How is your oga and your madam?

Me: they are fine
but how did you knw that?

Mrs: your mum told me… So how is business?

Me: we thank God. So how is our baby?
Have you named him?

Mrs: he is bouncing, i thought i have told you his

Me: no you havent.

Mrs: Ifeanyichukwu(nothing is impossible for God)

Me: waoh! waoh!! That’s the name of senior brother..

Mrs: * she laughed * when will i see you again?

Me: very soon.

Mrs: when?

Me: i can’t tell but very soon.

Mrs: i understand you,
no problem.

*** we discussed some other issues before she hanged up.
I was so happy that morning,
soon ijeoma entered and we greeted as usual.
We started gisting for so many thing before she asked me a question that marvelled me ***

Ijeoma: igwe, please don’t be offended,
how do you see s-x in a relationship?

Me: why do you ask?

Ijeoma: my bf have been seriously asking me for it,
and i told him that i don’t want to violate myself naw.

Me:please don’t be annoy,
how old are you?

Ijeoma: 21.

Me: *** na waoh,u dey 21 com carry all this package full everywhere,
girls una no go kill us *** you said,you don’t want to violate yourself,
does it mean you are still a virgin?

Ijeoma: * feeling a bit shy * yes…

Me: are you shy? Common is a
good thing that you suppose to be proud of.
I mean its a prayer of every girl. Your virginity is an evidence of faithfulness and trustworthy. Virginity is a treasure given to us by God to give to anyone we were going to spend our eternal life with.

Ijeoma: does it mean boys can also be a virgin?

Me: why not,ofcos. There are some thing that u can use to knw.

Ijeoma: this is getting interesting,
so tell me,how can i find out?

Me: ok,if you want to monitor your bf,
whenever he is urinating,
If he urinates straight up
into the air then knw he is a virgin but
If the urine sprays,
then he is not.

Ijeoma: waoh! I like this your lecture .

Me: thanks,
concerning the question you asked me,
s-x in a relationship doesn’t matter
but it matters alot for we boys.

Ijeoma: but why does it matters most to you guys?

Me: s-x is a natural thing and has its own spirit. Some guys are addicted to it, so it is not our fault.

But i advice you to stay away from him if he is more focused on s-x issue

Ijeoma: ok thanks for this word of encouragement you gave to me.
I can’t believe that you can give me such an advice,i so much appreciate. Thank you so much my dear.

Me:you are welcome.
*** that day Amanda didnt come to market.
After that day,ijeoma and i became so close.

On Sunday i prepared to church with my madam,
when we got to the church, we were sited separately, as the homily was going on,
our priest told us to touch our neighbour and say,
” what happened to me will happen to you”they started doing according to the directive of the priest.

As i turned around to see my neighbour and he was an accident victim and i ignored him. He touched me and i didnt respond and he did it the second time and i told him,”look if you don’t take time,what happened to you will happen to you again,the man calmed down.

After the church and lunch, my madam left the house and i prepared sharperly and went to Amanda’s house with the help of that address she gave to me.

I knocked at her door and she ushered me in with a frowned face.

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