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Kelvin stood at the alter looking so handsome with the most beautiful bride in the world he couldn’t wait to whisk her away from crowd and have her all by him self. the happiness in him couldn’t be scaled, he smiled at Amara with his eyes shinning with love and he whispered I love u to Amara.

Maxwell stood beside him smiling at the couple who stood before him, he couldn’t believe he was happy by just being the best man, but there he was, there was a time he sworn that he would do anything to make amara his. but now instead of being angry by being the best man instead of bring the man in her life’ he was too happy that his brother his getting married, he had never seen kelvin this happy before. on the other hand he felt happy as he turned to look at Tina who was sitting with tola his heart beated fast. he and kelvin brought the money that was used to fly Tina abroad for the kidney transplant and now she’s recovering very fast and kelvin knew he would do anything to capture her heart like she captured his. beside who can resist maxwell charm he smiled at himself.

Amara had never felt more blessed as she is now, as she looked at the at the crowd and saw her two mothers seated together in matching attire and smiled. forgiveness pays. she has come to love Mrs bello, pains only comes when we carry hatred in our heart and she had learnt it the hard way. Tina and Tola winked at her and smiled at them.

boss you look lavishing taga said and amara smiled.

thank you taga she said to her maid of honor.

you can go on a full month honeymoon ara p is save with me ur P.A

Amara smiled she had officially made taga her P.A and it was a excellent choice” am sure of that.

Kelvin enclosed his hand around his newly wedded wife and taga disappeared instantly as amara turned to her husband smiling. kelvin rained Kissee over her face and she giggled, what do u say if we escape from this place he said kissing her neck.

Amara ran her fingers into his hair, it sounds like a good plan.

Kelvin lifted his eyes to her, aren’t u curious where we spend our honeymoon Mrs Johnson Babs

I would go any where as long as am with Mr Johnson Babs.

kelvin lifted his head and kissed her hungrily and she returned the kiss with equal fervor as she basked with happiness kelvin brought into her life. they forgot everything and everyone around them as they dwell in the world that belong to them alone. a world were unlimited sacrifice are made love.

######THE END######

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