Endless Tears

2 years ago

In the land of iguocha where people are
known for excess beauty lived a certain
beautiful gal named Amara. definitely
not the most beautiful girl in the land,
but obviously the most desired. her stop
less skin was neither fair or dark it was
somewhere in between, glowing like
glass smoothly like a slink her flawless
skin was the envy of the other maidens
in the land even thou was from a very
poor background, her smile bright like
the morning sun was enough to make
every male species desire the sight of
her.and her suitors where many even
thou she was still in school did not stop
though from a very poor family did not
stop her dream of becoming a medical
doctor in other to take her family out of
poverty. she had watch on her neighbor
television the way doctors dress smartly
in white apparels in the hospital and
have vowed to focused squarely in her
studies in other to reach her aim. Amara
started school late but at nineteen , she
was in her final year in secondary
school and she had never lost the top
position in her school, and she looked
forward in writing the popular wace
which was feared by all the secondary
she had burned candles in the long
vacation and now the resumption is
finally here with much energy. her
dream is finally coming to fulfilment. she
had hope of meeting the scholarship in
other not have any problem in school.

little did she know about her destiny
and it took another turn.something
unexpected happened ,, something
unexpected happened, which change
her course of life for ever.
I closed the lid of my diary as warm
tears glisten my eyes u wanted them to
go away as usual but they rolled in
controllable down my eyes. I did not
waist time to brush them away
knowing fully well that it will be a
wasted efforts. a warm hand touched
my shoulder tenderly bringing me back
to my surrounding. the cameras where
already in place as five pairs of eyes
looked at me with concern in there

are u ready the manager asked me??

I shivered and nodded my head and
turned to the camera. hello I said to the
take recording
my name is Amara peters….and here is
my story

Written By Angela..

Endless Tears - S02

Endless Tears - S02

2 years ago
Endless Tears - S01

Endless Tears - S01

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