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Endless Tears - S02 E69

Story 3 years ago

Read Story: SEASON 2 EPISODE 69

Amara entered the church with her heart beating loudly. she looked around the empty church, filled with only chair. it had been years many years she entered a church. she had missed it, she had missed her close intimacy with God! would God reject her? if he did she deserve it. she walked until she finally found her self in the alter. sighing deeply, she knelt down beside the alter.allowing silence to envelope her thought, closing her eyes and prayed for the first time in many years.


Amara entered the eatery with Sam In her arm, sam hadn’t stop asking for a cup of ice cream all day and she couldn’t deny him that. they were at the eatery to buy the ice cream, she was at the counter and smiled at the uniform ladies she opened her mouth to order for two cups when suddenly Sam high pitched voice caught her attention.

Daddy Daddy” sam screamed snatching his hand from hers.

Amara turned around so fast most loosing balance, it was one of those solo motion movies she had watch countless times but now she was now the cast. her heart beat increased loudly as her eyes came in contact with Kelvin, her breath caught in her throat as she held the counter for support. was it real? was she really looking at kelvin, his presence despite the distance left her breathless. her eyes were as big as donut, Kelvin is here! Kelvin is really here, she couldn’t believe it neither could she leave where she was standing like an idiot looking at Kelvin who also stood at the entrance looking at her.

as Sam got closer to Kelvin he stopped looking at her,his his burned with happiness as he lifted Sam up, like the way he use to and Sam smiled in delight, giggling happily. he had missed him. lowering Sam he squatted before him, how have u been son? ur cheeks looks bigger he said pulling Sam cheek playfully..

sam was smiling so widely, the smile showed on his entire face .mummy had been given me too much food”

he looked at amara who had finally move close to them. with a funny smile he said” she sure has, how have u been taken care of mummy he asked sam”

Sam laughed , I have been taken care of her’ Sam had been a very good boy I promise,

Kelvin laughed, am sure u have.

we came to buy ice cream daddy , Sam said looking at the counter.

really? which one are u buying for mummy? Kelvin asked with a mischievous smile that Amara knew so well:

“chocolate ice cream, mummy says it her favorite.

Kelvin eyes slowly moved to Amara’s off course,, he said to Sam , still looking at Amara. chocolate is the sweetest I have ever tested his eyes moved to Amara’s lips,amara turned Red with embarrassment. this is not the scenario she Imagine meeting Kelvin. she swallowed as his gaze came back to her face. “Ara” hr said.

Kevin…. I am so…. but she was interrupted.

Kelvin a high pitched voice call out his name and it was a woman’s voice. Amara turned to look and saw a very beautiful woman walking towards Kelvin. Kelvin immediately stood up as the woman got to his side poking him with her finger. I told u to wait for me how could u have left me behind.

He smiled at her, and said am sorry baby……

Baby! baby? Amara saw red as she looked at the two of them as red stars came out of her eyes.fury and jealousy ate her up as she looked at both of them. could this be kelvins girlfriend? she almost died at the thought. she had to get out of here before she embarrass her self here by crying at their feet. people are now looking at them, was this a co I coincidence that every time she was with kelvin in a eatery she manage to draw peoples attention to her self.

Aunty Tricia Sam shouted and jumped on the lady who grabbed him happily. oh great so Kelvin introduced my son to his woman? oh perfect, her blood boiled hot.all the thought of apologizing to Kelvin all forgotten she snatch Sam’s hand from aunty Tricia’s hand.

let go Sam she said instantly.

I want to stay with daddy Sam complained.

he has a guest she said instantly and started walking towards the door, only to stop by the woman’s laugher.

Tricia looked at Kelvin, I think she’s jealous.

Kelvin was looking at amara with unreadable expression, and he was also laughing as well.

Amara blood boiled more and she held her self from causing a scene, more than enough, people where already looking at her, let go Sam she said and dragged him in her rage . blinking away the bitter tears in her eyes.

hey guys a. sure u might be wondering who this girl Tricia is? let find out in the next episode.

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