My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S01 E23

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“Kpo kpo kpo” I heard a knock on the door as I was about to lie down. Who could it be? Vivian, Lucy, Dooshima, Jenny or Blessing that I bleeped in the afternoon? All these thought ran through my mind within seconds. You know that kind of suspense that will hold you and you will begin to act irrationally na. But for the fact that all those ones in my mind are already familiar with my room, with that kind of suspense I would have started re-arranging my room which was already in shape.

Reluctantly I went to open the door as I wasn’t expecting anyone to spoil my “SHOW” as I’m expecting a sex-mate soonest. I opened the door and there stood Lois, the door couldn’t even open all before she grabbed my face and start kissing me all over my face. I responded sharperly and the signal went straight to my spin and before one can say the word “hey” my addrenaling has risen to it apex level. My body became hot and my loins started groining, WTF!! I lifted her up, her G-string pant was as wet as rag put in a water-full bowl. She wore a white night-gown, nawa for girls oooo, fear your beb when she wear nightie without pant to your room ooo.

I lifted her up, placed her on the chair in my room as I removed her dress, she removed my boxer too as I heard “wow”!!! From her, why the sound came out of her mouth still remains a mystery till today. Quickly she took her mouth to my c--k and started sucking, sincerely moaning during sexual intercourse by me is unneccessary, I was just doing “yea go on” abeg that too na moan abi? Lolz!! I used one finger to unplugged her G-string pant(this kind pant self no need to strugle jst blow am self e go remove. Oyimbo don turn us to mumu), as I inserted my middle longer finger, I bended it upward as I began scratching it, she was squirking and asking me to put more fingers but I ignored (purposely) for her to beg more. After I was satisfied with one finger I inserted two fingers and I heard “ouch”!!! Now I bend the fingers downward and I was rubbing it on a smooth suckulent flesh, it was slippery in my hand, she was beging me dis time that the sensation was too much that she will die, I ignored her, I keep doing it alternating the direction, south, west, east north, up, down and I took it deep. Like seriously if I tell you that am a king in the fingerly community am no joker! Even your beb fit leave you cuz of my fingers.

I opened her leg the more as I inserted my hot, strong and curve jaguda inside, she shocked as she wasn’t expecting it that soon, I started banging as her waist began to rugumaraj. She was just doing “oh oh oh oh, huh huh huh huh, hmmm hmmm hmmmm, ah ah ah baby baby, yes yes yes”, I banged so hard on the chair that I got scared her kiti-cat will tear but for where the rubber nothing d happen.

I switched her up to go on the 77 position now on the bed, as I removed my d--k, it was then I realized that “omo u no use rubber”? Thank God say I never release. I want to ask you guys a question “Abeg if a guy had unprotected sex with a lady that has STIs but non of them c-m, will he get infected”? Ur answer is valued. I quickly switched her to the 77 position as I brought out a condom inserted it, she wasn’t even aware, I started it slowly, she was like …”Bae deeper, deeper pls deeper” for where she is not talking to me, I just love girls beging me for it, I increase the speed and depth a bit as she “yes u ar wonderful, giv it to me please” I swear that time my head began to swell, I penetrate deeper, deeper and faster as I banged her like never before, a little banging again she just grabbed me so tight with her two legs round my waist don’t even know how comes she turned cuz I was f-----g her from back.

She has c-m but me never c-m na, I no even believe whether I go c-m, imagine you too na, I d sell sparm? I c-m in d morning on Dooshima, I c-m on Blessing not once in the afternoon, n this night again. I switched her to missionary style, have I told you that if I bang you(girls) in the missionary style you might not remember your name again? Well I started slowly den I inserted my c--k deeper and then I lifted myself up with my c--k inside(try this guys and see how your girl will react) lolz. I removed the condom, insert another one as I penetrate slowly……..a bit faster and then……I pump with action deeper and deeper as I rolled my d--k side-ways, making sure I I touch every angle and still knacking the most sensitive well-G-spot, I pumped and pumped as I was hearing “Baby please I need water……please I wanna pee…..please……pl….ea….se…. Pl……..” Lois didn’t move again, I removed my c--k, to be sincere my breath stopped that moment, I checked her pulse it beating, good, I raised her hand it fell.

That moment I forgot a condom was in my c--k, I touched her she didn’t moved, I pinched her, no reaction. What!! Has she died in my room? What do I do? How can I explain…………? …………

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