My Adventure With My Street Chicks - S01 E22

2 years ago

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As I was about to pull my cloth, I heard “kpo kpo kpo”, it was a knock on my door, I put on my cloth and asked the person to come in. Gush!! Can’t believe I didn’t even bolt the door!! Thank God the person came in time!!

As the door opened two girls entered, guess who they were? Noooo you guess wrongly, it wasn’t Vivian and Dooshima, it was Amaka and Chikezie!! You ar now asking the same question that was going on in my mind “what are they doing here”? That was the first statment that came to my mind but I dare not ask them. “Hi naughty handsom, surprised to see us here? We actually………Oh sorry I didn’t greet you guys sorry about that……….” Amaka began “C’mon Bae, make yourself comfortable, by the way am very sorry couldn’t make it up, went to somewhere, I just came back not quiet long” “So who is this lady”? Amaka asked. “She is a friend, my good friend” Chikezie then asked “This one you emphasized on this ‘good friend’ of a thing hope it’s not what am thinking”? Girls sha. “Sorry what are you thinking Chi? Lolz no talk waiting your mouth no fit close again ooo” “Allow her to say it first na Peter or are you scared”? It was Lois that asked this time around.

I just ignored her, I know where the question is heading to, she wants to know what I take her for, well she is actually a f--k-mate to be, no more no less. I changed the topic, “By the way, who showed you guys my hostel”? “Well someone not neccessary for you to know. By the way won’t you entertain us”? Chikezie again. “OMG!! Am so sorry, it you guys na, you’ve been asking unneccessary questions since, what do I………..”

My phone beep, I checked it was a beep from Lois, she said she will be going that she will come back by 9pm, I said ok and begged her to bear with me as am gonna give her the craziest sex of her life. All she could send was laughter emoticons. “Um sorry for that interruption, it was neccessary I attend to the msg, so what do I offer you girls, I have food”? “Bring it na or must we ask you”? Amaka now asked. “Ok ma’s your wish is my command”. I went and started dishing food as Lois got up and told us she wud b going, I asked her why na, she should join us (pretending I didn’t know she would b leaving since) as she said no she has something to do at home. As she left Chikezie asked “Nauri boi hope we didn’t spoil your show sha”? “Chi what do you mean”? “We be girls ooo, we know when this kind thing want happen, but you fine sha, that is why we girls love you and your nauriness attract us much, can you f--k 2girls at the same time”? Jesus christ!! This girls want to kill me? But wait I can do it na, provided I jazz myself up, guys know what I mean na, I go top up na! “Yes ofcourse I can but not today ooo, am not in the mood today. Maybe tomorrow or next”. I said. “No problems, we will see you tomorrow then” “Nope, am not saying it is 2morow ooo, I said maybe, it may not be 2morrow, but I will tell you guyz when am ready”. “Hmmm, ok oooo” Amaka said. Hope say I never enter wahala abi? These girls sef, hope it won’t ruin my career? We ate, play a bit, the feelings was already in me to have sex, but I find a means of making them to leave. By 8:37pm, they left. I re-arranged my room after our rough play, as I was about to settle down a knock on the door again…….is it Lois, Vivian, Jenny, Dooshima or Lucy? Or is it Blessing that I bleep in the hotel? All this question came to my mind as I went to open the door and there stood…………

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