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“It sounds enormous,” Kyle observed. “And amazing.”
“It is amazing. It’s not huge though. As Islands go it’s
pretty small. It’s built around two peaks with the main
house on the western side and the guest accommodation on
the eastern side. The southern side is a wide bay and the
northern side is mostly cliffs, but it’s gorgeous, and the view
of the sunsets from the main house are incredible.”
“How many people are on it?”
“Between serving staff, kitchen staff, maintenance and
cleaners, as well as the Doc, the Dentist, trainers,

“Quite a lot then?” Kyle asked, surprised. He thought she
was going to say somewhere between seven or twelve.
“I think it’s usually around ninety people residing there at a
time, but they’re not there permanently. Four months on,
two months off is the normal rotation. Edwin is the only one
who lives there though.”
“Who’s Edwin?”
“The Island Manager. He was involved in building the place
years ago and stayed on to do upgrades and improvements.
Mister Tripps lets him live there, and he runs the place like a
finely tuned engine.”
“That’s handy, I guess.” Kyle took another sip of his drink.
“So what should I expect when I get there?”
Patricia smiled and put her drink down. “Well, it’ll probably
be a bit of a culture shock when you get there. Edwin will
probably call you Master Watson, or Master Kyle. That’ll be
because the staff on the Island will follow his lead. You’ll be
waited on hand and foot, but you’ll also have to work really

“Doing what?”
“Everything from reading briefings on the various
businesses to improving your own personal image, to…”
Kyle frowned and cut her off. “What does that mean?
Improving my image?”

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