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“There was an article in Forbes earlier this year and they
cited that there are over twelve hundred billionaires in the
world now. When Mister Tripps died the number went down
by one, but now it’s gone up by three. As such you’ll be a
public figure and you’ll be photographed by the paparazzi
every time you go out in public.” She shrugged. “At least for
a while.”

“Mister Crowler mentioned something about that,” Kyle said,
his tone distinctily unenthusiastic.

“So as a result we have to manage your image, make sure
you look like what people would expect from the son of
Danny Tripps. Someone confident, cool, smart. Stylists like
Margaret will take care of what you wear, how your hair is
styled, etc, but what kind of shape you’re in will require
some work.”
“Eh?” Kyle frowned, wondering if he’d just been called fat.
He was in pretty decent shape, wasn’t overweight and
played basketball a couple of night a week with his friends.
Patricia smiled. “I’m not trying to cause offence, Kyle. Right
now if someone took your picture while you were sitting on
a beach your stomach would look like it was all rolls of fat,
even though it isn’t. So we need to tone you up and quickly.”
“Is there going to be press on the Island?”

“No, but there is going to be press when you get back.
That’s guaranteed, so let’s make sure we control what
pictures are taken and by whom, and lets make sure you
look great in them. That’s what I mean by improving your
personal image.”

“So hitting the gym then?”
“That’s the start of it,” She nodded. “There’s a trainer on the
Island called Julian. He’ll work with you and get everything
set up for fast results.”
“Okay,” Kyle said, not convinced but knowing arguing about
it now wouldn’t change anything until he talked to this
trainer guy. “What else should I expect?”
“There’ll be a lot of video conferences, lots of papers to read
and decisions to make, and lots of work to do, so pretty
much from the moment you get up until the moment you go
to bed you’ll be living life by my schedule.”

“Oh.” The idea of paradise seemed a lot less exciting the
more he discovered about it.
“Now at some point it’s going to get you pissed at me
because I’ll be hustling you to get things done. That’s
understandable and expected, so I’m explaining this right
now so you understand why at times I’ll seem like I’m
bugging you.”
“Sounds delightful,” Kyle chuckled.
“If your schedule creeps, ten minute delays adding to other
ten minute delays, and before you know it you’re two hours
late getting to your bed. That’s two hours less sleep than
you should be getting. With me so far?”

“Yeah, and if that goes on for a few days…”
“Exactly. By that point you’re not thinking straight, your
decision making is poor, you feel like shit and all because
you feel a little uncomfortable skipping the small talk after
meetings.” Patricia looked very earnest. “Now, if it affects
you like that, then it affects me more. I’m up before you in
the morning and down after you at night, so it’s important
we try and stick to the schedule as much as possible.”
“Okay,” Kyle nodded. “I can’t promise I won’t get grumpy or
anything, but I’ll try and do my best.”

“That’s all I ask,” She replied, giving him a dazzling smile.
Kyle smiled back.
They watched a movie on the big TV and Patricia asked him
all about his life, what it was like growing up, what was his
life like yesterday and in the months previous. Did he have a
girlfriend, what was life like at school, what hobbies did he
have. Kyle felt at a couple of points that he was being mined
for data and tried to turn the questions back on her to find
out the same answers about her life, but Patricia skillfully
turned the questions back on him, and did it in such a way
that Kyle felt relaxed and open with her.

Around one in the morning Patricia suggested they should
try and get some sleep and disappeared back to the
bathroom to get changed. She reappeared a few minutes
later wearing a pair of jogging pants and a white t-shirt that
showed the form hidden beneath the business suit.
Wow, she’s frickin hot,” Kyle thought as he watched her
lowering the leather chair into a bed. His eyes roamed over
her tight ass, her flat stomach, her full breasts. “Don’t be an
a-----e, Kyle! After today the last thing you should be doing is
hitting on your new assistant, even if she is fine. Really f-----g
“Are you getting changed, Kyle?” She asked, interrupting his

“What? Oh, all my clothes and stuff are in the luggage in the
hold.” Kyle wished he’d packed a daysack or something with
his Kindle in it. At least then he could read something
because he didn’t feel like sleeping. There was too much
going on in his brain.

“You can access the hold through here,” She told him,
leading him past the bathroom to a panel on the wall. She
pushed against it and it clicked open. The hold was small
but lined on the right with his bags, a stack of small metal
flightcases lining the left side.
Kyle moved forward and had to open four bags before he
found a pair of track pants and his favourite hooded jersey,
and grabbing his Kindle he headed for the bathroom, got
changed and then slumped in his seat to read for a while.

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