Undecided - S01 E24

5 months ago

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Third Person POV

Fola folded her hands as she watched Henry from across the other side of the table in a restaurant just a few blocks from school, eating like he hasn’t noticed her discomfort since they came here.

He had not said a word to her though except for the sinister grin on his face each time he raised his head from his meal. Honestly ,out of everyone who played the game, Fola would have picked Victor asides from Dibz cos he was really funny but the universe decided to punish her some reason she’s yet to figure out.

Dibz had won back his credit card and Victor’s car , Femi had won Josh’s wrist watch , Victor cried when he won Femi’s sneakers and Josh won nothing which serves him right for suggesting such a useless game with useless rules.

Henry cleared his throat and dropped his fork, wiping a stain on the corner of his mouth.
“You’re not eating… don’t like the food”, he asked .

“Don’t feel like eating”,Fola replied flatly. One could taste the lack of interest in her words.
“Since when , I mean you’ve always loved Jollof rice”, he said .

“Since the moment you forced me here against my will”, she replied hotly.

“Don’t hate the player sweetie, hate the game, not my fault I’m simply the best”, he said smirking.

“Why did you even pick me…I mean you were the first to win so you were the first to pick, why me?”, Fola asked almost yelling. She just felt so frustrated at this arrangement or maybe what was more frustrating was the issue that Dibz didn’t argue or try to oppose the whole thing.

” I just wanted to spend time with you Fifi, you know ,catch up on old times”, he said smiling.

“Yeah well we could have done that in school over lunch or just ask me , no need for all this and besides we’ve been talking since you got back so which other catching up are you talking about”, Fola asked ,not sure where the conversation was leading.

“You know..”, Henry started holding Fola’s hand which she withdrew immediately like fire just burnt her..”I never really forgot about us since and I wanted to reach out since but I wasn’t sure about how you’d react”.

“Look I still love you and I’m sorry I was such a jerk then pls give us another chance Fifi, I know you still love me and you’re just using that loser Dibz to pass time till you go for college”, he finished saying I’m his most convincing voice.
To say Fola was stunned is a understatement, she couldn’t believe what she just heard. ‘what did this idiot just spit out of his mouth’ she thought.
“You joking right?”, She asked, maybe he’s just trying to pull my legs she said in her mind.
“No I’m not Fifi…I’m really serious and I’m ready to do anything to prove it to you”,he said.

“Are you stupid or you’re just trying really hard today”, she said. It took all the will power she had for her not to just reach out and scratch his eyes out.

“Now look here idiot, I love Dibz alot and no one’s gonna change that. I can’t help myself even if I tried, that’s how deep I am with him”,she said as picked her bag and walked out.
On her way out, she felt something was wrong and but she couldn’t put her finger to it and then it clicked. She walked to where he sat stunned and emptied her cup’s content on him, ‘screw will power’, she thought to herself.

Now she felt good as she walked out from the restaurant with a smile on her face….

To Be Continued....

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