Undecided - S01 E23

5 months ago

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Dibz's POV

It was all gists here and there since these idiots decided to come and spoil my private time with Fola. On larger part I blamed myself tho for avoiding her all this while due to my lack of trust in her to still be with me on Henry’s arrival here. Oh how much I’ve missed her, I just suffered myself for nothing and now we are together again for the first time in ages these menaces decided to show up now.

“How about we spice things up a little here , I’m sure I’m not the only one bored here , I mean except these lovebirds here that always seem to forget that they’re in public sometimes”, Josh said, ever the trouble maker.

“Yeah, so what do you suggest ?”, Henry asked.

Maybe Fola and I have really taken this PDA thingy abit over the top this night and it might have made them abit uncomfortable especially for Henry and Hailey. They haven’t really said much since . Worst part is how Fola doesn’t even seem to care, she’s still sitting on my lap stealing kisses once in a while , she even suggested that we ditch them and go find another place but I thought that would seem rude so we just settled here…..I love the fact that she’s like this sha, it’s a very sweet feeling when she acts all possessive like that.

So here we are staring at the cards on the table, we decided to play cards to drive out the boredom. The girls declined playing with us and preferred to just watch.

Josh dropped his gold wristwatch on the table as he’s stake. There were a few gasps as he did that cos the watch costs around half a million naira, perks of being a rich politician’s kid I guess.

I dropped my credit card and quickly let them know that it’s only 200k out of it I was staking.
“Stingy p---k ,your dad’s like the richest among all of us here and it’s just 200k that can’t buy my watch you’re staking”, Josh joked.

“Haha … If it was my dad’s money it would have been better but the name on the card is Dibz Manuel not Njoku Manuel”,I replied.

Femi placed his Nike Air Jordans on the table, everyone knew you’d just get another one from his dorm cos his mum owned a chain of malls in Lagos, Abuja and PH.

“Hmm this is serious o, I’m not playing again!!”, Victor exclaimed. That got him a smack on the head from Femi who searched him up a bit and placed his wallet on the table.
“Ah guy, my pop’s card is in my wallet oo and there’s a fixed amount I can only access each month and I’ve finished this month’s” , Victor begged.

“Well you know the rules Vic, once a stake is on the table there’s no retrieving it unless you exchange it with your R8”,Josh said, a devious smirk on his face.

“Ah ah guy, something I just got as a gift on my 18th birthday Na wetin Una wan use stake?”, Victor asked wide eyed.

“It’s either that or your wallet with your dad’s card if you don’t win and we all know you won’t win”

“No wahala I put the Audi R8 but e no go better for you Josh I swear”, Victor said bitterly.
That left Henry remaining, with a disturbing smirk on his face ,he faced me and said ,”I stake Fola, whoever wins gets to go on a date with her”.

“Son of a …”, Fola said trying to control her words,” I’m not some property that you can just stake like that”.

“Just like my R8 isn’t just some property that should be staked like that, remember the rules oo oya let’s start”, Victor said not wanting to hear anything….

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