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“Derek open up.It’s me,Tricia”I said knocking on the door feeling a little weirdy inside as no answer came from behind the door.

“Hmm,what’s with the car parked outside?”I muttered under my breath staring at the flashy white car I’ve never seen before.

“Grrr!Hope it’s not what I’m thinking”I said with a shrug as I knocked again shoving the silly thought off me.

“Derek!”I called again but it seemed no one was home.Or maybe he’s shutting me out for good…Humph!Such a maniac!

“I’ll be damned”I heard someone gasp from behind.

“Derek?”I stared with emotional feelings fluttering inside of me.
“Oh Derek!”I said rushing into his arms to his amazement.
“I’m so sorry.I’m so-so sorry Derek.I really should have listened to you instead of shutting you out like that.You have no idea how terrible that got me”I said sobbing uncontrollably.

“Hey…Hey!It’s alright.It’s alright Trish.You haven’t done it yet,have you?”he asked rhetorically.

“No-no!I-I just couldn’t.Can you ever forgive me?”I purred at his touch as I laid still with my hair waving in the direction of the soft eastward wind.

“Of course I do.Come on in.It’s pretty hot out here”he smiled warmly sliding the door open for me as we both got in.

“D-dad!M-mum!”I shook with fright rolling my eyes on my parents as they sat on the sofa staring at me happily.
“What are they doing here Derek?”I whispered lowly motioning with my eyes.

“Just follow me!I got you”he reassured not letting go of my hands as we went towards them.

“Ah,why there’s our daughter.What a coincidence”my dad said happily.

“Dad?Dad,w-why are you here?”I shivered with my legs trembling underneath.

“Come darling.Come sit with mum called out to me ushering me by her side.

“Derek told us everything sweetheart”my dad said inducing more confusion in me.

“Um,told you what?”I said pretending to be unaware of what they were talking about.

“Oh sweedy.You don’t need to be scared.You’re all grown up now.C’mon,he’s told us already,isn’t that right son?”my dad continued.

“Yes dad!”he said giving me a smirk.

“I’m sorry mum,what did he tell you exactly?”I muttered in a confused state as I caught sight of Derek who was smiling by the corner.

“Derek,what did you do?”I asked glaring at him.
Ohhh!”I groaned inside.

“Why,don’t be such a dill dally baby.We know already”my mum teased grasping my shoulders.

“Huh!Know what?”I said trying to pay dumb.

“Uh-huh!I can’t believe have got my grandybun cooking up in there”she smiled softly placing my hands on my belly.I had a tank top on.So it was almost fairly visible.My parents are really so weird.

“What?M-mum it’s not what you think”I stared with guilt and shame sweeping all over me.

“Oh be quiet”she laughed squeezing me tight till I could breathe no more.

“Your dad’s not so happy about it either but what can we do.You two have our blessings,isn’t that right honey?”she smiled turning to my father.

“Yes!Ahem!”he coughed sitting up with his gold chain dangling around his neck.

“That’s right.We’ll make do with the wedding preparations without wasting time”

“What!”I exclaimed with disbelief staring at them eye-openedly.

“No!”I shot back delinquently.
“No daddy!W-what about school?I mean,what about me?You guys just can’t go right off without giving a d--n about my own opinion.Right mum?”I turned looking at my mother that sat close to me.

“There there baby.Your father and I have already made our decision and there’s no going back now.We’ll see to it everything goes right okay?”she said placing my head on her bosom as if I were a baby.

“Oh stop ma”I teased dragging my head out as I put a strand back where it belonged.

“So Trish…Derek”We’ll leave you two now”he cntinued getting up as he made to leave for his old chamber.

  Good thing Derek already cleaned that up before they got back.He would have made such a fuss about it.How annoying!


“No buts now.I reckon you guys go work it out together and don’t keep me waiting.Whoo!I sure missed this place as hell…Rayla come!Let’s leave ’em starlings”he teased with a broad smile as he took his arms around my mum leading her all the way upstairs to do whatever thing they wanted to do…Haha!Just teasing!

“So uh,Trish you ready to talk about it now?”Derek said hanging his arms around my neck.I could feel his muscles pressing down on me.Gosh!Why do I want him this much.You better snap out of this Trish!

“Hhh!Oh don’t be so corky.I’m just doing this for this baby”I shrugged trying to wiggle free.

“Oh really?I guess you’re stuck with me baby girl”he grinned running his tongue around my ear naughtily making me purr like a kitten.

“My!You’ve got such wonderful teddy bear ears”he teased clinging onto my waist.

“Derek!”I feigned with anger pulling off from him.
“Grrr!You’re one annoying dude”I smirked back at him.

“Urrgh!”I said giving him one of my woochy fury eyes.

“I better clean this off”

“Ha!Admit it!You hate me!”he grinned again leaning closer.

“Well,if I did,I wouldn’t have gone up with you in bed.Tcch!”

“Ahh right!”he coughed placing his pointy finger on his lips.
“And you don’t regret it heh?”he continued stepping outside as I followed behind.

“I-I don’t know”I said shyly as we strolled in the garden gazing at every butterfly that flew by.

“Oh c’mon,you should know”he said coming closer.

“Look Trish,I love you and I’m not just saying so because you’re all preggy now.I really do mean it all and I always have and there’s no how I going to stop doing that now.Not when you’ve got a part of me in there”he said fixing his eyes on my belly.

“Oh please stop!”I said trying not to give in to those sweet fantasies of his.

“I’s now or never Trish!Come out of your shell and say those words out to me.Come on!I want to hear you say them.If you want,you can sing.Yeah,sing for me oncemore.I really missed hearing you do that”

“I-I can’t.This discussion is over Derek”I said making to leave.

“Trish…”he reached for me making me stop.

“I’m sorry Phil but I have to let go now”I said with tears dropping out of my eyes as I turned back and took my lips up in Derek’s.I guess he didn’t see that coming but he concurred anyway as he wrapped his arms around me tight making it look like we’re shooting a movie or something.If someone ever told me Derek and I were ever going to have one romantic moment like this,I’d surely doubt that but it was actually happening right before my eyes and I certainly didn’t want it to go by so fast.

“Derek!”I paused
“I…I’ll marry you”I finally spat it out with enthusiasm and emotional feelings flooding inside of me.

“Yes!Yes!”he screamed with joy as he swooped me up swirling me around joyfully as I clung to his arms not letting go.

“Whoo”he laughed bringing me down.

“I guess it’s only left for me to do this”he said getting out a tiny box out of his pants as he slid I open making me gasp.

“Gasps!How did you..”

“Shh!”he said kneeling down before me as he took my fingers up saying those words I’ve always wanted to hear my dream man say to me as I smiled happily letting him slip the brightly shiny ring onto my middle finger.

If only this will be my happily ever after…

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