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“We made it…We actually made it!”my two bestfriends screamed with delight as they called us up the stage to take our certificates with the constant roaring of joyful applause filling the air.

“Yes Chels!We really made it”I said as I embraced her and Daphne gently so I wouldn’t trip from the the larky stilettos I had on.

  It didn’t matter if I didn’t come out with a first class like I always wished for but I was really grateful for reaching this far.At least a second class upper isn’t that bad not after what I went through in the past.I can’t believe they’re nothing but mere memories now.If only Phil was here with us.I thought flashing back to the day we first met.Our love would have been one epic magical tide if not for the twisty storm that blew it all away but one thing’s for sure,he’ll never be unhappy seeing me achieve my dreams.

“Tricia Parker,are you crying?”Daphne said giving me a soft smile as she tucked her arms under mine.

“Heh!No D.I’m just really happy we’re all here together”

“Aww us too B.Groupie hug!!!”they yelled triumphantly dragging me into their arms as we all giggled within us.

“Ahem!I’m sorry to interrupt what seemed like a grandiose moment bu-bu-buut,she’s all mine ladies”Derek cut in pulling me from them.
“Happy Convocation Day baby”he smiled kissing me romantically.

“Oh Derek!You made it!”I said with enthusiasm wrapping my arms around him.

“Woooo!He’s so hansy”Chelsea chirped in giggling softly as she admired the super hot tuxedo that perfectly fitted in his body.

“Trish is he…”Daph whispered leaning closer.

“Yes Daph!”I said to her.
“Guys,meet Derek,my fiance”I said with enthusiasm as he stretched his hand out towards them.

“Oh!Right!Those girls you’ve been telling me about…Daphne and Chelsea am I right?”he muttered out surprising them.

“Uh-huh!Baby this is Daphne and that’s Chels”I grinned with pride as I continued with the introduction.

“Wow!It’s such a pleasure meeting you Derek”they smiled pleasantly.
“We’ve heard so much about you”

“Oh really?Isn’t that intriguing?”he said glancing at me with an eye I could interprete.

“Well woo girls,I’ll see you later all right?”I said to them as Derek and I went to take a seat with the rest of the families that came to watch their kids(now turned adult) go into another phase of her life.Just like Derek and I who’s gonna be expecting our baby very soon.How I wish my parents weren’t so busy at work.I really miss them.

“Trish,there are some people that’d be sure please to see you.Ready to meet them?”he asked arching his brows up as he let his hand out for me to take.

“Hmm,wh….”I said with interest rolling my eyes around.

“Happy Convocation Day Baby!!!”my mum and dad popped right in front of me with their voice ringing in delight.

“Whoa!Oh My God!Mum…Dad!”I screamed rushing into their arms as Derek took the buttery strawberry topping cake from my mum so it wouldn’t slip from her hands.

“Aww,come here honey.We love you”my dad said wrapping his arms around us as he dragged Derek in too.

“Ohh!Good old pops.I really missed the lovely scent of that chalent cologne of his he always wore on.

“We’re really proud of you baby.Ohhh!We missed you”
“We should have waited for Derek to come bring you to us like we planned but I just couldn’t wait to see my baby.Guess we ruined the surprise afterall.Haha!”she laughed softly caressing my cheeks.

“Are you kidding me?This sure is the most amazing day ever”I yelled happily hugging them all again.

  Days passed all again and Derek and I got married the following week with lots and lots of people of both the higher class and the normal filling the reception of our hotel to welcome the newly weds.I’ve never seen anything like it.There was plenty of food to go around for everyone as my dad had the best chefs and decorators in town hired just to make our wedding party the best of all.It was indeed the best glamorous June wedding the town’s ever heard.

“You ready for me to steal you off?”Derek whispered in my ears as he gripped my waist gently on the dance floor with my not so tight flowery gown pulling behind.

“As ready as I’ll ever be!”I giggled with the rhythm of the soul music echoing all around.

“That’s right baby!Let’s get this party rolling,shall we?”he chuckled glueing his lips on my mind.

Hhh!I definitely do not want that to end…Ha!Giggles!

  I’ll catch you later guys.It’s time to parteeeee!!!

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