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We trekked down to a nearby pharmacy where Jide’s bleeding head was stopped with a styptic bandage

I paid the pharmacist and we headed down the road

We were both tired and hungry but we managed to hobble down the tarred road to a T.junction where we took a bike to our destination

According to the bikeman that took us to my daddy’s uncle house, he was generally known as Mr Ifa (Mr Oracle) throughout the whole of suburb of Lanlate

We alighted at the front of Mr Ifa’s house at exactly 5pm in the evening feeling very tired and exhausted

We met his absence but his youngest daughter and 2nd wife was around to welcome us

With the hospitality we received from his petite daughter, I was able to have the surmise that they were quite happy to see me and my friend

Bukky the youngest daughter showed us to the guest room where Jide and I stayed throughout our visit

“bro Darous, what should we prepare for you and your friend?” Bukky asked me after handing the key of the room to me

“hmmmm, you can prepare Eba and vegetable soup for me,” I paused and glanced at Jide who seems to still be surveying the room. “and get my friend here a bowl of hot pap and slice bread”.

Jide turned swiftly. “what! Don’t mind him o, get me whatever he’s taking”. He said with a serious tone

“thought you said you are allergic to heavy foods”. I said teasingly

“you dey craze, when did I tell you that? Please no mind him o, prepare the same thing for us”. He said sitting down on the bed

Bukky smiled and exited the room

I glanced at Jide and saw him licking his lips at the teenage body of my cousin

“hey guy! Eyes off! What are you staring at? Idiot…you dey eye my cousin? Take time o”.

“Darous, this girl fine no be small o…..chisos, make ah just sample her…..”

“sample wetin? Abi you dey craze?, she’s my family o…and mind you, no weapon of konji fashioned against any of my family shall prosper in thunders name….”

We rambled on for some moments before we got tired

An hour and a half later a sumptuous meal of eba and vegetable soup with plenty of bush meat was prepared for us

We escorted the delicious food down to the secondary grinding department of our digestive factory with a sweet, fresh and chilled palm wine

I was relaxing on the bed and playing Dream league on my phone while Jide was already asleep when my phone rang

I minimize the game and picked it

“how you dear?” I spoke softly into the mouthpiece after checking the caller I.d to be Joke

“my love, what happen? Have been calling your number since morning and it was switched off. Everything alright?” She said with a strained voice

I lied to her that my phone was dead since the last time she called me in the car and just got to charge it when we arrived. We ended the call after a prolonged amorous conversation


Mr Ifa arrived very hammered around 10pm on that Tuesday. After the consentual greetings, I escorted him to his room and after seeing the teeming charms of tortoise shells and cowrie in the room, I explained to him in full details of my reason for coming to seek his help

He promised to solve the situation as soon as thursday

On wednesday, he gave me a small bottle containing honey and some mixed concortions, with the instruction that I should be licking it 3times every 7hours till friday

I repeated the same process on thursday and nothing happened. Jide and I spent most of the evening of each day under a mango tree playing draught with elderly people

Friday arrived in its typical way. I was seriously worried about what might happen to me if the jinx with Adedoyin was not broken.

Around 6pm, Mr Ifa gave me another talisman of luck to wear around my neck. He assured me that nothing will happen to me

What was now left for me was to confirm whether the jinx of death has been broken or not

At 8pm, without informing Jide or anybody, I asked a bikeman to take me to the nearest brothel in the city of Lanlate

The bikeman dropped me at the very hub of the city where the big brothel was situated. I paid him off and headed inside. I went straight to the barman and ordered for 3 Goldbergs. I told him to find me the hottest olosho among their ladies and gave him some tips for that. He promised to get the best for me

I located a seat adjacent the plasma T.v that was showing a p--n video and settled in it

I was on the 3rd bottle of goldberg when the barman came to me and gave me the room number of my request.


I quickly gulped down the remaining drinks and marched straight towards the coloured lit passage and located Room 5

I pushed the door slightly without knocking and it opened slowly

I stepped inside the dimly lit room with nak3d wallpapers hanging across the wall and was totally astounded by the lady lying on the bed at one corner of the small room

Ladies and gents, behold Favour, the lady that stole my wallet

“oh karma, what a sweet b!tch you are!”. I murmured quietly and closed the door with a wide wicked grin

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