Countless (Story)

8 months ago

COUNTLESS is a story of a guy, named Darous, whose lust for the opposite sex keeps getting
him in big troubles but he kept
finding one way or the other to escape because he is a

But is Darous really going to escape or he would
meet his doom one day? Just try and read this interesting rib cracking story to find out.

If you are the type that judges a story by its first updates, then I won’t be suprised if you get tired after the 1st 3 updates.

But I implore you to endeavour to read on to the 8th episode. I promise you, you gonna stay glued to it.

I remain your humble learner and writer….. TBM

THIS WORK BELONGS to the creativity application of Darous Emmanuel. Please, don’t plagiarize it without the Author’s permission.

Countless - S01

Countless - S01

8 months ago