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Jayden Pov
I had a lot going through my mind especially
the kiss kim gave me,the kd girls and i have
been friends a long time ago and i always
knew kim had a thing for me then people
always thinks she my girlfriend because
shes always with me ,i never replied to
people because i dont talk but now i think i
have to make things clear to her

Baby Pov
I was woken by alicia,i guess that her daily
routine ,i dressed and headed to the
training hall ,i entered and found kim
wearing a black legging and half cut with
her hair packed in a ponytail and wearing
white sneakers ,she was doing streching
with jayden along side some students as i
walked in and joined immediately ,she was
doing it in a sexy way as if she was
seducing jayden can you imagine ,i really
dislike her than anything and soon the
dancing rehasals started and she was really
good,the way she swing her butt and hips
were just perfect and i could see jayden
eyes on her
Like seriously? ” are you jealous ” my inner
voice said,what no way how can i be jealous
of her ,infact i dont care
“Oh c’mon baby you like him right “the voice
said again no way
“He is handsome and has cute lips too”i
voice said again and i began hitting my
head ” i dont like him “i kept saying and
hitting my head over and over again
“Do you need to see a psychiatry”a voice
asked and this time it was more clear
I looked up and it was kim with everybody’s
eyes on me
“Huh” i said dumly
“I thought you were insane”kim said in a
mockery tone and everbody laughed ,i
looked at jayden thinking he will laugh but
he didnt ,that guy never laughs ,and that
was when it Hit me that he was wearing the
face cap i left at the garden the other day ,i
wonder why

Lena POV
We sat down in our various seats and were
being called upon to sing ,maddy walked up
and sing and soon it was my turn and i was
really prepared for it
And i stared with Ed sheeran and Justin
bieber song
Cause i dont care when i am with my
baby yeah,all the bad things disapper ,you
make me feel that i am somebody, i can deal
deal with the bad nights ,when i’m with my
baby yeah
Oh oh oh oh
Am soon everybody joined in the song and
was singing and dancing along including
jamal ,the joy within me knew no bound, i
looked at lucia and omg she was really
furious ,soon i was done and dropped the
mic while people clapped
” I can see you are really good”lucia said
walking to me and i smiled
“How about we make this more fun” she
said and carried the mic and started rapping
“Yeah yeah ,look at her singing a song
everyone is familiar with just to be the
queen of music not knowing she a looser
already ” lucia said
“Owwww”people said and laughed
“She thinks she better than all because she a
side kick to her friend just to be in a mucials
group who made their way by cheating”i
said and chuckeled and lucia starred at me
angrily while people clapped and jamal
stood there watching
“Oh look at the poor thing who is alwasy
trying to make guys notice her ,she ugly and
no one looks at her twice ,and shes
struggling to have my man not knowing
that even if he fucks her am still going to be
his real b---h and girl his is mine”
“Boom”she said and dropped the mic on the
floor while people hailed and clapped for
her and i stood there dumbfounded
I walked to my seat shy and people laughed
at me ,i had to run out of the training hall
and cry my eyes out
Jamal pov
I was really moved when lena was singing
,she was really good and was singing from
the dept of her heart ,everybody was
singing along and dancing with her apart
from lucia ,after the rap battle i starred at
lena she was really broken by what lucia
said and truth be told she is way pretty than
lucia and she dosent wear scandalous outfit
,i was rude to her once because i always
found her starring at me and loosing
concentration in what i was teaching
Well i think there is more to this than what
lucia just said and i need to find out

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