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After being in the hospital for three months, Clifford was released. His legs were badly damaged in the accident so the two legs were cut off and he was using crutches.

There is a saying, Forgiveness is something you do for yourself, and not to others.

Clifford apologized to Caroline and their “Facebook baby” Jeffrey Junior Mensah. He promised to bequeath 70 % of his properties to him.

He did a DNA test for his three daughters Kyla,Valentina and
Samantha. The results proved
Kyla and Valentina were Clifford’s daughters but Samantha was not.

Kyla and Valentina lost their pregnancy in the accident. Though it was a painful experience, they thanked God for taking away those abominations from them.

Nneka a.k.a creamy mama later got to know Jerry Junior was her Ex-husband’s son.

She decided to terminate her pregnancy but she ran into complications and died.

During her burial ceremony, family and friends could not just control themselves as many of them broke down in tears as her casket was lowered into their grave.

Clifford Mensah was later diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. He was now on Antiretroviral Drugs. He knew his death was just a matter of months.

Jeffery Junior inherited his Father and became the Chancellor of Meridian University College. He married Claudette, a London-based Nigerian clinical Psycho

His half sister Valentina became a famous TV presenter while Kyla became a lawyer. Samantha eventually got into contact with her real father. She was aspiring to become a neurosurgeon.

God blessed Madam Cecelia, the rich barren woman who took care of Caroline’s Child Jeffery Junior. She eventually found remedy to her Barenness and gave birth to twins-a boy and a girl.

Carol’s Parents were at peace with their daughter now.

Caroline became the minister of Land and Natural resources. She got married to a Rich Nollywood film Producer Karl Chukwu Sunday.

She gave birth to two other children a boy called Jason and a girl called Vanilla.

Despite her success, there was one great lesson that Caroline would never forget; her FACEBOOK BABY.


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