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<Third Person POV>


I’m sure you want to know the occupants of the other car. The other car belonged to Clifford. When he discovered two of his three daughters have being impregnated by a certain “JJ” he was very furious. Angrily, he searched for his .357 magum gun

Found it and pushed his daughters into the car saying, “come and show me the motherf*cker who did this to you and I will shoot his brain out. Upon entering the car he sped of. So as Clifford was coming to kill his son( he didn’t know his son was responsible for impersonating his daughters) Caroline was also rushing to the hospital to safe Clifford’s son’s life . As fate will have It, the two groups collided in the curve area of the road. All of them sustain serious degrees of injuries.

Within minutes, the flashing red and blue lights of the ambulance surrounded the place. It came with aggressive speed , the kind of sheer driving audacity that let everyone know the siren doesn’t make a polite request.

Every head turned to follow the red and blue streak, curious about what had happened. The screeching tires and keening wail of the siren, madly barrelled through the streets in the hope of saving their lives.

The five of them( Caroline, Clifford, JJ, Valentina, Kyla) were put into the ambulance. Soon they reached the hospital. The paramedics quickly parked the truck in front of the hospital and took them out.

Nurses rushed towards the ambu
lance. They were carried onto stretchers and hurried through the double doors.

The accident was broadcast on TV. Caroline’s father Andrews and mother Yayra saw the news of their daughter’s accident. Quickly, they entered a car and headed towards Nigeria. Soon they entered Nigeria and located the hospital that was determining the fate of their daughter.
“Doctor, how is my daughter?” Andrews asked.

“We are doing our best to help them” Doctor Olusegun Sunday told her parents briefly and left.
The two parents kept walking up and down the veranda , their eyes desperately looking for anyone to walk out of the emergency room.

They saw the hospital chapel.
They walked over to the altar and knelt, unsure of where to start.

Mr. Andrews felt his voice shivering but Soon he was praying for his daughter, “Lord, don’t take her away from us, please.”

They walked back to the waiting area with the hopes of hearing something good when the doctor came out. His eyes drippled with raw fear. The door swang open.

They both looked at the doctor walking out of the room.Their heart skipped a hundred beats as he walked towards them.

Andrews gulped as the doctor got nearer to them. Something about his sleek black eyes made him uncomfortable.
He had a quick look at all of them , and maintained his equipoise.

He wasn’t bothered by the parents ‘ frightened eyes. He took a long gaze at the white sheet pinned to his note pad.
Expectation delayed is a vexation to the heart. Andrews was unable to wait for him to give out the information so he asked , “How is she, Doctor?”
The doctor looked at him , a gentle smile lurking on his lips,”We have
managed to stabilise your daughter’s condition but she suffered a serious injury to the head and arm and will take many months to heal.

“What about her son,JJ?” Mr. Andrews asked.

“We have done an abdominal lavage for the young man. He’s quite Alright. Be thankful they were brought here in the nick of time,a few more seconds delay and he would have died.

Andrews closed his eyes, cries of relief soothed his nerves like the peaceful waves of the Mediterranean Sea.

It wasn’t only Caroline’s Parents who came to the hospital. Clifford’s Parents also came. Mr Isaac Mensah his wife Martha Ninson
(her family name) came to see their son Clifford. They were told he sustained severe leg injuries and was in a critical condition but his daughters were in a stable condition.

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