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2 years ago

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Day #1
I avoided Facebook and concentrated on my video games and watching TV. After that I bathed , ate and slept.

Day #2
Same routine. Nothing too special about the second day since my mum left.

Day # 3
On the third day, I was playing my Dream League as usual when my phone beeped. I saw the Facebook icon on my notification pane.

A voice within me said, “avoid the notification message.” Another one said, You need to access this message. You have been missing a lot on Facebook.” I was confused. I don’t know which one to listen to.

I remembered one of Jay shetty’s motivational videos. He told a story and the tale went like this:

“An old Cherokee told his grandson, “My son, there is a battle between two wolves inside us all.

One is Evil. It is anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, inferiority, lies, and ego. The other is Good. It is joy, peace, love, hope, humility, kindness, empathy, and truth.”

The boy thought about it, and asked, “Grandfather, which wolf wins?”

The old man quietly replied, “The one you feed.”

-Author Unknown

He then went on to explain it….

“In quiet moments, you may have felt it—that tugging feeling in the pit of your stomach or in your chest when something is not right. How many times have you known 
something about a person or situation, but ignored it only to have your suspicions confirmed? You may look outside yourself for answers, thinking that accessing your inner wisdom engenders mistrust, fear, and doubt, especially when there is no evidence to back it up.

But you were gifted with this inner “knowingness” and by building a relationship of trust with this voice, it can lead to an empowered life filled with desirous outcomes. Start to pay attention, and you will slowly begin to hear the different voices or “wolves” within you, and the choice will become yours as to which one you will feed.”

That was a powerful advise. Right?

I decided to ignore the notification. When moving my hands, it accidentally swipe across the screen and the screen was unlocked opening the notification icon by default. It was a picture of Valentina. Her n*ked picture.

I gasped for breath, having been overwhelmed by her sheer beauty. A pulchritude par excellence. For a moment I thought an angel had invaded my phone.

I blinked my eyes to see if I’m in a dreamland or heaven, because I knew that was the only place angels live. “WOW!!!”
I was staring in awe at the photograph before my very eyes.

No doubt,Valentina had the most beautiful boobs with just the right sized ni*ples I’d ever seen. They were perfectly round with the right amount of sag to make them look so desirable.

I gazed at her slit . It was clean shaven and tantalizing. I began to think of how it would feel to go into that temple of pleasure and have a feel of her ” Prayer services. ”

The desire to “taste” Valentina grew so strong in me. Quickly I forgot my game and logged into my Facebook account proper. Valentina was online. It looked as if she was always online. I sent her a “hi”

There was no turning back. We began chatting.

Valentina: hi Cutie.

Me: hi Beautie

Valentina: I sent you a hi two days ago but you didn’t respond. Why?

Me: I was busy.

Valentina: busy twerking her?

Me: meaning?

Valentina:hahaha. Never mind. Don’t tell me you are a newbie. You looked to glassy to be a novice.

Me: Hmmm. Appearance can be deceptive.

Valentina:Yea, Yea, Have you seen my nude?

Me: Yea.

Valentina: How do you see it?

Me: You look sexy.

Valentina: Yea.

Me: How old are you ?

Valentina: between 15 and 17.

Me: 16?

Valentina: I won’t tell you.

Me: Yoo. I heard.

Valentina: I dreamt of making love to you.

Me: (taken aback by Valentina’s words) Is that So? But you don’t know me.

Valentina: Hahaha. Signs of Naïvity

Me: Hmmm.

Valentina: You have seen my profile already. I’m the first child of Mr. Mensah Clifford. The Chancellor of Meridian University.

Me: (amazed) You are really the daughter of a big man. I’m a student in your father’s University.

Valentina: Like seriously?

Me: Yea.

Valentina: You look so hot. Can I be your……”

Me: Girlfriend?

Valentina:(stunned) Why did you finish the question for me?

Me: Just wanna prove to you I can also be smart.

Valentina: Well. Whatever. So what is your answer.

Me: Let’s take it one at a time.

Valentina: Hmmmm. Ghanaian guys, you are not aggressive kuuuraaa. That’s why I like Nigerian men. You meet. You bang each other.You go. After all, it is just for enjoyment. No commitment.

Me: That’s true but decency and self respect is expedient.

Valentina: Bullsiiittt!!!! Ibi decency we go chop, Mak u shine your eyes ooo, bobo.

Me: ok.If you say so.

Valentina: How old are you?

Me: Twenty.

Valentina: You are older than me but don’t see me like a pikin oooo. I can surprise you.

Me: In which way ?

Valentina: Every way. Give me your direction. I wan see you for real

Me: Just come to Obio Akpor.

Alight at the Local Government Area Secretariat, Rumuodumaya, Rivers State. Follow the street adjacent the Local Government Secretariat and look for house number 00075.

Valentina: Ok.See you soon, dearie.

I can’t wait to welcome the daughter of the Great Chancellor of Meridian University, into my humble abode.




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