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[Jeffery POV]

5 Years later

I knew by now you are wondering where exactly I have gone to. Well, let me put you out of your curiosity. My real name is Kwabena Mensah Clifford but on Facebook and other social media networks, I operated under the fake name Jeffery kwesi Yeboah.

I was a social media predator, using that medium to prey on young naïve girls who are seeking for friendship and love online. It began a few years ago when my one- and – only girlfriend left me for a rich old man. I tried all that was humanly possible to convince her that my present circumstance was just temporary and cannot be a deciding factor for my future success. I begged her not to break my heart but all my efforts proved futile . She left me on the stone of disappointment and ran into the arms of Mr. Benson to enjoy the goodies of life under the umbrella of riches.

I cried day and night and even attempted to commit suicide. I never knew a girl with whom I share my body and soul would turn round and back- stabbed me. I doubted if there was anything called true love again in this materialistic world where girls based their love for men on certain conditions.

I thought true love was supposed to be condition-less but alas. I was wrong (or so I thought)

By God’s grace, I became quite successful when I completed school and became a sound Engineer. I told myself that since it was the riches that ladies want from a guy, I would have a stable relationship now.

I began dating again but as usual, one lady after another broke my heart. They used me to achieve their end and after that they dumped me like rubbish. I sponsored some of them to the training colleges, others to the university but after their graduation, they rejected me.

It was at that point I began hating women. I became gynophobic. I told myself I would use social media to exact my vengeance on ladies. It didn’t matter whether they were innocent or not. To me, all women are the same. They had a common ancestry.

From that point on, I preyed on young girls and ladies on social media using my impeccable looks and riches as a bait.

My plan worked to perfection and I was even amazed at the results. After all, every lady like a nice looking rich guy. Just ask ladies of nowadays the type of guys they want to date. You are more likely to hear,” I want a rich, handsome and famous guy.”

You will hardly hear things like, ” I need a guy who will genuinely care for me regardless of his job, I need a God-fearing man. I need a guy that can understand me the way I am.”
As I said earlier, my plan worked “Cent pour Cent”

(100%).The mission objective was to break the hearts of at least 100 ladies in a year on Facebook. With my good looks and rich status, I dated and broke the hearts of many ladies on Facebook. I remembered some of my victims; Emma, Portia, Edwina, Jennifer, Mary, Janet, Maureen, Jane, Marion, Genevieve, Esther, May-queen, Stella, Natasha, Rose, Rosina, Juan, Josina, Joanita, Juliette, Lucy, Angela, Agatha, Abigail, Laura, Martha, Kezia, Priscilla, Sophia, Bridget, Freda, Margaret, Nora, Linda, Belinda, Nina, Sika, Aisha, Olivia, Sylvia Isabella, Charlotte, Amelia, Belinda Meaghan, Keily, Yara, Christie , Novah, Ensley, Camila, Emilia, Victoria, Adelina, Quinn, Madeline, Arianna, Alexa, Delilah.

….” Just to mention a few.
Meeting Caroline Dogah was very significant to me. She was the 100th victim I met on Facebook and she was the only girl that I saw my heart quite sensitive to in this battle of social media deceit.

I nearly rescinded my plans when I met her but I changed my mind when a guy whom he called Koomson chatted with her on phone the day we met. He even sent her a love message. I pretended I have not seen it but that was the changing moment.

I decided to go on with my plan, fully convinced that all girls were indeed the same. They have a common Great Grandmother called Eve who deceived my great grandfather Adam- a fool, a mugu. If man is not a “mugu”( fool) why would a fully grown man of 45 years old allow the “sweetness” between the thighs of an 18 year old lady cause him to go to Jail after losing an asset he toiled to get for 20 years to her.I day I heard that news I was fully convinced ladies are wicked.

I remembered sending Caroline a friendly request on Friday, a few weeks to Easter but for a strange reason decided to cancel it. Later I changed my mind and resent the friendly request. She confirmed it and we became friends. We met later and had fun at Paradise Ocean Resort where I wooed her filli filli with sugar coated words I rehearsed well from a love poem book I bought.

I still remembered some of the sweet words I used to woo Caroline. The lines were etched in my brain permanently.

.”……my heart is knitted to yours. I need you now and forever. Allow me to build my world around you .Surely you are my heart and my soul, my rose of Sharon, keeper of my heart, I will lay in your verdant bed of love forever. I will never leave you. I have etched your love in the abode of my heart with the last pigment that flows through my veins. If indeed a thunder should strike me for a lie, I will subject myself, a clean slate devoid of lies for these words I speak are truth.

…..Nothing but the truth in stainless gown. Caro, you are the edges of my soul and the light thrown at my gaze to cast away the shadow before my feet.

….I love you more than my parents whose blood run through my veins. Your love has become the power that fuels my existence. …”

And she fell for it.

Ladies never cease to amaze me. It actually worked. These were well rehearsed words from a love poem book I bought. The problem with ladies nowadays was, when you tell them what they need to hear, they hate you but when you tell them what they want to hear, they love you and will even give you their heart.
She might have been suffering now due to my deceit. I don’t care.

After all, my mission was accomplished. After Caroline , I slept with other materialistic girls, numbering over 149. Among them were Ava,Mila,Ella,Aria,
Scarlett, Luna, Chloe,Penelope

But I have changed now.I remem
bered Socrates’ Quote “to find yourself, think for yourself and Victor Emil Frank who said between stimulus and response, there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and freedom. These Quotes became my life principles and I decided to make effective use of my freedom.

I decided to use my freedom wisely and also resolved to quit preying on innocent girls. I saw the need to apologize to the girls I have exploited should our paths crossed again.

Somehow, it still pained me I broke Caroline’s heart. She was quite different from the rest of the girls I have used and dumped. I could see it from the way she reacted to the GH¢5000 I gave her. It was clear her intention wasn’t about the money. It was about love. Clearly, she was not materialistic.

I hope to meet her one day in this life. By then, time would have heal her wounds, the ones I inflicted on her delicate heart. I will tell Caroline, “I’m sorry I treated you the way I did. It was due to the hatred and bitterness I harboured against women for toying with my heart. I hope you have a place in your heart to forgive me. I knew you have the milk of human kindness flowing through your veins which will be the basis for your forgiveness no matter how difficult it is. After all,” to err is human, to forgive is divine.”

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