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*Jeffery’s POV*

Kotoka International Airport

“Ladies and Gentlemen, all passengers going to London should come to the front desk for registration and check in, “the announcement from the intercom interrupted my flashback. I moved towards the registration centre.

The opportunity to travel abroad happened one day when a message popped up on my phone’s notifi
cation panel. It was an email. I decided to check it out and then realization dawned on me. My white girlfriend had given me an invitation to pay her a visit in London. She was lucky I quit my hatred for women before meeting her. She would have become my 250th victim.
I was very happy. Soon I will be in London. I planned how I will frolick with her, the sex, the tour to river Thames, cutting across southern England and notable buildings like the tower of London, Queens house Westminster Abbey not forgetting other tourist sites like Trafalgar square, Covent Garden, the tower of London Sherlock Holmes Museum. I have read about them in a book and watched them on BBC channel.

I would soon see them in reality with my own eyes.Soon, I would be airborne; a ten-hour Journey across the vast land to a foreign land to meet my white girlfriend, Melania.

My parents saw me off at the airport. I checked in at Emirates and fill a form . My passport was stamped and a boarding pass was given to me. I passed through Immigration and customs and waved goodbye to my Parents. I boarded the plane looked for my seat number 459.

It was a window seat over the winged part of the Plane . I sat down for five minutes as the rest of the passengers boarded the plane. A well-dressed lady moved towards me. When she got closer to me, She gazed at me with curious eyes and I also gazed at her with the same curiosity.

Familiarity registered on my eyes.

My heart thumped sporadically and my breathing became intermittent. I almost jumped out of my skin. Suddenly, Beads of sweat found their ways through my pores, unto my skin and I could feel cold shivers down my spine. My heart kept hammering furiously against my ribcage.

My knees became weak and I was breathless. My knuckles shivered and my limbs felt paralysed. Collapsing seemed eminent. I was seeing the imaginary floor of the plane opened its mouth and about to swallow me. I shouted, “CAROLINE!!!!”

She just looked at me wordlessly and sat in the seat beside me -seat number 460.
I was nervous. How could I explain myself to her? I tried to talk but no word came out from my mouth. She was carrying a small boy on her lap. He was about 5 years old.

I looked at the baby curiously.
There was no doubt he resembled me from head to toe. Suddenly, realisation dawned on me that the baby was mine, the product of our sensual encounter at Paradise Beach Resort about five years ago.

Still, Caroline didn’t utter a word. I was very restless. I wished I could disappear from the plane or at least ex-change seats. It was not to be. My guilty conscience held me captive.
Suddenly, Caro turned and gazed at me saying, “I’m sure by now you have realised the world is such a small place. You thought you run away from me and our paths will never ever cross again. Well, you have been taught a bitter lesson, Jeffery “…that is if that is your real name.”

“Mummy, mummy, is this uncle? “The small boy asked, Looking at me with gleeful eyes.

Caroline smiled and said, “No, Jeffery Junior, this is daddy.”
“Meet your son, “Jeffery, “our Facebook baby” she said. I nervously shook the little boy’s hand. The boy was smiling at me
Happy to meet the father.

My hands shook uncontrollably. I could not bring myself together to carry my child .Finally, I found myself and said, “I’m sorry I treated you the way I did, Caroline. It was due to the hatred and bitterness I harboured against women for toying with my heart. I hope you have a place in your heart to forgive me. I knew you have the milk of human kindness flowing through your veins. Please forgive me.”

“Jeffery, I forgave you five years ago but I could not forget the excruciating pain and psycho
logical trauma I passed through.” She said with a forlorn face.

There was an uneasy silence bet
ween us until the huge metallic flying cylindrical object landed at the airport. As soon as the plane landed at Newcastle International Airport. I stood up to leave but Caroline grabbed me by my hands and said, “Not so fast, Mister, Slow down your pace, let’s talk about our Facebook baby.”

“Wait, let’s pass through the immigration, then we can sit down and talk,” I said rather sadly.

She seemed to be convinced with my suggestion. My plan was to find a way and escape when we were going through the checks at the various immigration points but I seemed to run out of luck. By the time, I passed through the rigorous process of immigration, she had also finished with hers.

I was contemplating what to tell my white girlfriend Melania croft who would obviously be waiting for me with so much anxiety. It wasn’t long before people began coming to meet their love ones. I turned my eyes and there she was, my white girl friend – Melania. She was happy to see me. We hugged heartily but she soon realised I wasn’t as excited as I would have been. Then she began asking questions. Caroline was also there with our baby.

Melania: hei, Babe, what is wrong? You don’t look happy.

Me: Nothing really.

Caro: Tell her the truth.

I remained silent. That was a mistake .Caroline began talking to Melania.

Caro: Hello young lady, don’t trust this boy. He’s a social media predator. Have you seen this baby? It’s for him. He used Facebook to lure me and when we finally met, he impregnated me and vaporise into thin air until fate brought us together today in the plane.

Me: I don’t know you have a son for me, Caroline.

Caro: . How will you know of him ,since you blocked me on Facebook after tasting the pleasures of my flesh?

Well, you know now

Melania (obviously angry and disappointed) Clifford, is this true? Oh, my God, you are such a fake guy. I thought you are decent. Don’t follow me, why you are Africans always fake like this. Can’t you have a little honour? It’s over, I don’t wanna see you again and don’t call my line, again, Fraudster!

Caroline was shocked I was called Clifford, She said “So your real name is Clifford. My God, you are simply wicked. You told me you are called Jeffery.”

Me: I am just trying …….”

Caro and Melania (at once) SHUT UP!

Melania: Go back to your country, fraudster.

Melania left in anger as I watched her, shame registering on my face.

Caro: You brought this upon yourself. Now, nemesis had caught up with you.

I put my head in my hands. All my plans of spending several months in London frolicking with Melania had been dashed because I accidentally met Caroline again. “God, why this time?”

I asked her how she ended up in the plane. She told me after I blocked her out of my life, a certain women called Cecilia took care of her child while she continued her secondary education until she completed her school. She sponsored her to the university to pursue B.A Degree in Land economy. She graduated with a first class and got a scholarship to further her education in London. It was therefore the pursuit of oversea education that eventually brought us together again.

Caroline eventually graduated from the London University with a MPhil in Land Economy.She was given the opportunity to work in London’s Land Economy Department but she decided to come back to Ghana.

I was sued at the Department of Child Welfare.

It was decided that I should take up my responsibility as the father of my baby but I gave an excuse that I was not working currently. I promised to take care of Jeffery Junior when I got a stable work.

Since Department of Child Welfare had no enforceable powers, I was left off the hook. I left happily.

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