Oga Landlord - S01 E56 (Story Episode)

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I lay back on the bed and kept watch, I was about sleeping when I see movement around were Ugochukwu and Shantel slept.

Someone got up from the bed and I stretched my hand and switched on the bed lamp.

Ugochukwu was startled when he saw my eyes wide open staring at him, he tried to conceal the wet patch around his boxer.

Me: you wan rob me? this one you dey waka like thief for the room?

Ugochukwu: carry your voice go down small, no… This boxer ant dey am inside.

Me: humming ant? how manage?
I increase the volume of my voice

The time was almost six by the wall clock hung on the wall.

Ugochukwu: I no know how manage, I wan pull am.

Me: guy, wetin you dey cover?
my voice loud

Ugochukwu: na my morning boner.

Shantel stirred and stretched on the bed, she got up with an urgency that showed that something must be wrong.

Shantel: Jesus, water!!

Me: water for bed, how manage?

Ugochukwu: em go fit be that bottle water I drop for on top the bed board last night, chaii! I no cover am.

Me: cover wetin? how manage your head and chest no wet? or the bottle water dey in betwixt your leg?

Shantel: gosh! my gown don wet too, wetin be all these?

I crawled to the side of the bed they both slept and bent down over the wet patch, and inhaled. I quickly raised my head and covered my nose quickly.

Me: who piss this piss? Gosh!! em dey smell like rotten egg.

Ugochukwu: how piss go smell like rotten egg?

Shantel: who urinate on the bed na?

Me: my sister ask this guy wey I catch as em wan change boxer.

Shantel: is it true?

Me: go dry the bed outside oh, as you old like that you still dey piss for house. Forty years still dey piss for house.

Ugochukwu: who dey forty years?

Me: as you nodey forty years, na wetin make you piss for house. I shame for you oh!
I wore my short and t-shirt, carried my phone and got out of the room leaving the couple behind.

I nofit hold the laughter oh, chiaa! break up alert, who wan date guy wey godey piss for your body every night.

I made mistake and walked pass the hallway that two biblical wahala were staying, the Delilah with towel and Goliath with twenty five years gym experience.

Immediately I got close to the door the towel girl opened the door just before I could walk pass their door post.

Girl: hi handsome
she still dey wear towel, I wonder why

she grab my wrist before I wan make move hope say you no be police officer

Girl: not at all, I like you. Come inside na?

Me: to commit suicide or homicide?

chuckling em nodey she give me a special view, her soft round brea-sts and white pant come have it inside.

my brain reset inside?
Should I go in and die on top woman and be buried by a body builder, or I should wait to be killed by Mr. Okoye.

I was thinking about the pros and cons when she dragged me inside the room, she locked the door and removed her towel.

Girl: make we do quick quick, before my husband return.

Me: husband?

Girl: yes, we are on honeymoon, he has carrot in between his legs.

Me: how manage? how em take get carrot in between his legs?

Girl: I mean his di-ck oh!

She got down on her kneels and pulled down my short, she expertly dipped her hand inside my boxer and brought my di-ck.

She stroked it twice and covered it with her mouth, she bopped on my now fully ere-ct di-ck twice.

groa-ning aahh! ahhh!! Aaahh!!

Girl: are you sure, you fit use am well?

The babe wan insult me as I dey calm down or wetin?

I dragged her up with her arm and carried her.

I pulled my leg out of the short and used the other leg to step on it, I kicked it off my legs and carried the girl to the bed and slammed her.

She bounced twice on the soft mattress and chuckled.

Girl: bad handsome boy.

I bent down and held her pa-n, then tore it off. a soft mo-an escaped her lips as I dipped two fingers inside her pu-ssy, my fingers struggled to penetrate. Choi! The guy just big without anything in between em legs.

Girl: ooh! Gawd! F-inger me! aaahh!!

Loud bang on the door “gbuoo! gbuoo!! gbuoo!!!”

roaring like lion honey, am home!!

Safe me oh Lord.

To Be Continued...

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