Oga Landlord - S01 E57 (Story Episode)

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My heartbeat paused and then resumed with heavy breathes, my hands started shaking. I stared at the girl sprawled naked on the bed with her legs wide spread.

I pulled out my fingers from her we-t pu-ssy and faced the door, sweating profusely. She grabbed my di-ck and aligned it to her opening, is this one head paining her?

Me: wetin you dey do?

Girl: my husband don return, do fast fast!!

roaring like injured lion open this door!! wetin you dey do inside?!.

Me: I didn’t tell you, am still a virgin.
low voice

Girl: you lie, with this big thing?

Me: shey na you disvirgin me? I dey keep am for my wife.
I took her hands off my now fallen di-ck, I was drenched with mind wrecking sweats.
I quickly got hold of my boxer and slipped it on, then wore my short. Quickly put on my shirt, thunder storming slam landed on the door that vibrated resounding heavy noise round the room, I jumped in freight.

two lions combined you carry man enter inside?

Girl: honey, am coming.
I rushed to the bathroom to hide and find out that I will be fished out and deflated like a ball, I looked at the window and saw that it was caged with protector bars.

She opened the toilet door..

Girl: fine, somewhere hide.. I dey go open the door.

Me: where I go hide?

she hiss hide inside my pant na.

I quickly came out of the toilet and my phone started ringing, I cursed under my breathe.

roaring and barking altogether that man wey dey chop my wife, ooohhh! na my bare hands I go take separate your bones.

Girl: haa! Gabriel, nobody dey inside here na.

My legs started shaking and my teeth were moving in their own wills, my sac were filled with urine.

I looked at the window and saw that it wasn’t protected by any protector bars.

I didn’t know why the owner choose to, I went at the window with speed and scampered through the window. The window caught my shirt and it torn, I heard the door creaked open and I raced without looking back till I disappeared to a safe corner.

I tried catching my breathe but it wasn’t working, I was still sweating. My urine were heating like fuel, I strode to the compound toilet unit for those who came to just use the bar or restaurant and leave, I opened the bathroom door and poured two bottles of urine from my sac into the WC.

I went straight to the bar and ordered a chilled and cold bottle water, the waitress suppose know say water wey don block. She just brought cold bottle water, forgetting the chill I associated with the water. She waka go like three times before I come drain the bottle with a gulp, my body temperature come calm down.
I wrote the meeting message and sent to the forty excos with a group message, since the only number I saved in the sim are all the excos numbers alone.

I sent a message to madam Fatty and Mama Genesis to make arrangement for buffet by 3:30pm before the meeting will start by 4pm that day.
I sat back on the chair and relaxed, I ordered for a bottle of malt, I can not come and kill myself again.

I opened the cover and poured some content inside the glass, I adjusted my eyes and saw two looking rugged guys discussing at a corner of table seriously.
They looked like people that can kill or whisk human being as goat.

I swallowed and suspected something is off when one of them looked towards me, I drank the content of the malt in the glass and kept the glass. A thought entered my mind as they were looking around sharply.

I made a face and spitted the drink I have kept in my mouth for sometime, pushed the table away with the glass and bottle come tumbling on the marbled floor as they made a clashing sounds breaking into pieces.
I crunched my stomach making a face and coughing hysterically, some of the people who came to drink too off. I bit my tongue and pool of blood formed in my mouth, I started coughing out blood and laid on the floor, shutting my eyes. I ceased breathing, I heard foot-falls around me and someone started shaking my legs.

Voice1: are you okay, sir?
I no even try to move

Voice2: call manager oh! person don die here.

After awhile the manager baritone voice ordered one of the worker to go get the people I came with, after some minutes I opened my eyes and saw the place is empty. I closed it back again, I no wan make mistake.

kick me with his leg common stand up my fiend!

Me: aahh!
I groan in pain na so ona dey treat corpse from for ona village?

Waitress: sir, I think say you don die?

Me: and so? you no know wetin be ghost?

Bodyguard1: sir, why you pull this kind stunt?

Me: I saw some assassins, them wan kill me na the only way.
Immediately they pulled their guns looking around, the manager just dey give me angry look.

Manager: oga, you go pain for damage oh!

Me: you dey mad! You want my close this guest house, do you know who I be?

Manager: I no wan know.

Me: lemme call the governor, I threatened.

Bodyguard2: we be state security.

Me: tell am oh!

Bodyguard1: here is not safe again, lets leave here.

Four of us left the bar parlour and went inside the guest house to get our things, while we were walking in the hallway we met the body-builder walking towards us with some i.d card in his hand. He stared at the i.d card and then me, I be wan run.

Ugochukwu don evacuate sef, he grabbed my shirt and raised me up.

Body-builder: where you wan run go?

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