Oga Landlord - S01 E44 (Story Episode)

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I hung on the walls of my bathroom, thank God say the tiler no go do am till reach the dome, I placed my both hands on the walls and placed my shaking both legs also.

My door fell with a slam and I started sweating all over, I heard them walking around my bedroom. Even tumbling my stuffs, I pray say make them no break that plasma TV, if them try am I go come down from here go tell them how much I take buy am.

Voice1: see fu*ck up! nobody dey this room na.

Voice2: we never check kitchen..

They went to the kitchen after the door of the bathroom, and started searching. I heard my pot opened, bia… how human being go hide inside pot? you better close that pot oh!

Voice2: this guy dey enjoy oh… see goat meats everywhere inside this egusi soup.

Voice3: na food go kill you, make we kill this guy commot here.

Voice4: I for like eat this soup oh.

Voice1: we pass one door.

My heart started knacking drum, naso I go take die go. The spirit of my forefathers, God of Abraham… I go start to go church, I never wan die please…

They opened the bathroom door and shot beams of light from torchlight inside the bathroom, hopefully say I dey behind the door.

Voice2: nobody dey inside her.

Voice3: check the back of the door.

Naso I start to dey pee without control, I tried to hold it oh! but the “chorrooooorrr” sounds refused to stop, see wahala.

Voice4: check the kitchen!

They all left the door thinking I switched on the tap on the sink, after sometimes they returned. The stupid piss don stop.

Voice1: you sure say this girl never tidy himself?

Voice3: na wetin I dey reason here sef.

Voice2: make we move, before police go reach here.

I heard their footsteps leaving, so you think say I go come down for here? I stayed there till another day came.

When I started hearing the voices of my tenants at my door, some are already inside my room.

Voices: wey them? why them run? what of honourable talk and do.

I jumped down from were I have hung myself through out the night, immediately I landed on the marbled floor. My legs started vibrating like someone who is about to c*um, I no blame my legs sha…

I quickly opened the door of my bathroom and stepped out, they were surprised and happy to see me.

Voices: them nofit do you anything! Honourable talk and do! nothing do you.

Me: if you no want make I increase your rent, before I close and open my eyes all of ona don viaaam.

I closed my eyes before I opened it everyone of them have gone, I brushed my mouth quickly and took my bath. Boiled the soup and ate all the meats, then dashed out the soup. Dressed up and packed some clothes that I can go into hiding for sometimes, I too young to die.

The primary election is just three days away and I dey die today, em no make sense na.

I took a bike and headed to the main road, I came down to decide whether to go to my supermarket and hide there or to go to a hotel, I was confused.
I picked the first thought and boarded a taxi and headed to the supermarket, I came down from the taxi and met the security girl at the door. She wasn’t smiling this time… I come dey wonder.

Security girl: no no… Go go…

Me: wetin you mean?

Security girl: nothing.
she smiled at me and said welcome, I no come dey understand the girl. Something dey worry am, I stood at the door looking at the girl playing with her fingers.

The bag I packed my clothes hung loosely on my shoulder, wetin I go do myself like this. Where I wan get charms wey go protect me as I dey like this?
I turned away from my supermarket and a car pulled over at the tarred road side just close to the gutter, I no need to hear whistle.

I kicked away my shoes and pulled off my bag and ran towards Aunty Fatty shop.

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