Oga Landlord - S01 E45 (Story Episode)

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I no joke with the way I take start the race oh, as I just reached the front of Fatty store I looked back towards the roadside, I saw the car moving away. An old woman was struggling to cross the gutter, people wey get shops around wey sabi me think say I don mad. shame catch me like cold pure water.

I turned back with my heart beating, so na this old woman make me run like person wey dey escape obituary poster, I wore my shoe and hung my bag.

I grabbed the security girl hand…

Security girl: sir, wetin I do?

Me: no worry, you don promote yourself, no worry about this work again. You get better work.

I dragged her along and flagged down a moving taxi with vigorous waving of my right hand, the taxi pulled over and I squashed her in the car. The girl was behaving someone, she dey do shakara like say I wan fu-ck her.

Se-x na the last thing for my mind sef, immediately we got in the car.

Security girl: sir, I don’t want to be raped.

I turn to the girl crying and begging rape?

Security girl: yes… please sir.

Driver: why she dey cry? oga you kidnapped the girl.

Me: my brother ask am oh! she be my worker, I no know wetin she dey even talk about. What is your name?

Security girl: Shantel… sir

Me: nobody go rape you, you dey see vision?

Shantel: I don’t understand, sir.
I looked back and saw a parked car surrendered by gun men, na so I knacked the driver sharp sharp tapping.

Me: oga, na all the gear dey this car?

Driver: oga, you want my I speed?

Me: speed na understatement, fly this car.. I dey beg you, I too young to die.

Shantel: sir, who dey after you?
Is this girl mad ni? isn’t she the one seeing all the visions? the driver started moving faster. Navigating traffick, I no commot eyes for the backdoor widow at all… making sur3 nobody is after me at all.

We pulled over in a hotel, and I came down.

I paid the taxi driver and wondered why Shantel refused to come down.

Me: aunty, we don reach, abeg come down.

Shantel: leave here…

she mumbled incoherently like someone something is happening to, this girl wan like frustrate em father life or wetin? I no even get strength for all these nonsense dey do. She better come down come dey do the real security job oh!
Immediately I looked back I saw Mr. Okoye coming out of the gate with some of his elites, I ran to the other car door.. Opened the car and flied in.

Me: oga, move this car!
tapping the driver

Driver: to where?

Me: anywhere! hell fire oh! oga drive na.

To Be Continued.....

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