Oga Landlord - S01 E37 (Story Episode)

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Me: open this door!
I continue banging at the door

Voice: I saw Michael Jackson in the toilet, he was drinking garri.

The thing threatened to drop in my brief, there was locked toilet next door, I quickly jumped up and held the top.

I struggled very hard and used my right leg to throw above and finally I sat on the top.

I saw the idiot singing with soap in his eyes dancing, I thought of what to do to him but the nature call didn’t allow me to think straight.

I jumped down and loose my belt quickly, and pulled down the trouser with my brief in a flash and eased myself on the WC.

I saw a hand dropped the bowl he was using to bath on top of the demarcation wall, I quickly got hold of it and continued doing my thing.

Voice: who thief my bowl!?
I no talk, he continued screaming on top of his voice and later stopped and continued singing again, madness get pedigree oh!
he later finished bathing and left whistling, some people fit use bathroom release back to back album.

I switched on the tap and flushed what I dropped in that place, I washed my bum bum. I was about putting back my trouser to my waist when someone unlocked the toilet with towel tied around her. It was Lucy, short and small… She looked very innocent.

She wore a naughty smile and closed the door behind her and winked at me.

Lucy: oga landlord, wetin you dey do for inside ladies bathroom? the thing dey hungry you?

I put back my boxer which thing be that? nothing dey hungry me… I just come shit.

She pulled her towel and turned then hanged it on the door, why short girls dey get big breasts and big yansh… All their heights run go enter their front and back.

Me: wetin you dey do? why you dey naked before me? you want make your mother come kill me?

Lucy: you no be small pikin na, I like wetin you carry there… I wan taste am.

She came for kiss and I quickly reciprocated, I grabbed her bumbum while we were kissing fast. She pulled down my brief and it heaped on my kneel, I penetrated two fingers inside her pu*ssy.

Lucy: asshhh! ooohhh! Yes!! finger me
she moan lowly*
I grabbed and squeezed her left bre
asts roughly, placed my mouth on the left breasts and started su*cking it.

She grabbed my hard di
ck and started jerking my hard di*ck slowly.

She turned and placed her both palms on the wall and pushed back her a
ss backward, I separated her ass cheeks and spitted on my palm, I rubbed her opening and penetrated inside her wet pussy and started fucking her.

Lucy: asshhh! ooohhh! harder… am feeling you… aaahhhh!!

Me: aahh! ahhh!!

I grabbed her bre
asts from behind and squeezed roughly, I pinched the nipples and she moa*ned loudly.

Voice: wetin dey happen for that place?

I stopped ba*nging her, both of us were quiet.

Lucy: wetin concern you ehnn? busy body.

Voice: na wetin you dey do for this yard, I dey go tell your mother.

We heard the foot-falls going away, I pulled out and wore my trouser quickly.

Lucy: the thing still dey hungry me na, my mama no go do anything.

Me: no be me and you oh.
I opened the bathroom door and headed out of the hallway, I saw Joe with Mama Lucy coming towards the rest room side.

Mama Lucy: hiiaaa! Oga landlord, wetin you dey do for bathroom?

Joe: ask am oh!

Me: my friend don come?

They shrugged and I quickly headed to my room, luckily I saw Ugochukwu sitting inside the house.

Me: guy, when you come?

Ugochukwu: just now, why you dey sweat like goat?

My phone started ringing and I picked the call, I didn’t see the caller ID.

Me: hello, who be this?

Madam Stella: what do you mean? come over here immediately.

I removed the phone from my ear and saw the phone’s screen it was Stella.

Me: am coming…

The call ended and I clicked the message, I saw the address sent to me from Madam Stella. the governor’s wife.

Me: guy, I dey come…

Ugochukwu: where you think say you dey go?

Me: when you wan go, close the door and put the keys under foot mat.

I quickly ran out entered bike and zoomed off, I wasn’t satisfied with the s
ex with Lucy… Maybe Madam Stella go make me cum.

I was surprised to see lots of bikes and cars in the place the address led me to, I brought out my phone and curbed the address again, it was a large hall.

I entered and saw lots of men and some women well sitted, while Madam Stella stood at the podium.

She signaled me to climb the podium.

Stella: meet the excos and women leaders, with youth leaders in your district.

I don blow oh! I be celebrity now, hope you have my number?

Start begging now oh… Before i changed my mind lol.

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