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After she introduced me they all start clapping and cheering me “honourable” with their teeth, they were forty people and from explanation they are the people who can vote for the party coming primary two Months later.

I sighted my wicked uncle also cheering and clapping, even though is not from his heart the thing sweet me like toto.

Madam Stella brought out the form that will enable me contest for the upcoming primary, pressmen and women were present capturing the moment. I no hide any teeth, o gini… Stop looking at me like that.

After the grand welcoming, I mounted the podium to speak.

Me: when the righteous enter government.

Voices: the people jolly.

Me: NDP…!!

Voices: unity is our motto.

Me: if that unity nodey?

Voices: no power.

I came down from the podium and Madam Stella climbed the podium and gave a fine sugarcoated long speech, the woman sabi lie oh… Them no believe am sha… Some are wondering how I got the governor’s wife on my side and which money will I even give them if am running for the primaries, them no happy at all.
I no send, after the fine meeting, I followed Madam Stella while her securities shared money to the excos for transport.

I walked her to her car.

Madam Stella: boy..!

Me: yes, ma.

Madam Stella:
a smile plays on her lips you are up for a strong challenge, do you know Mr. Okoye?

We no know that stingy chairman, that appoint councilors like family business. He is the chairman for eight years now, and all the bad boys are in his beck and call.

Me: I sabi that man.

Madam Stella: is the man you are up against
my mind fly

Me: issa lie
I no wan die young

Madam Stella: no fear, I go rig the primary with stakeholders.

Me: thank you, ma.

Those state excos can give me hope for winning the primary, but I no popular na.

I entered house hoping say Ugochukwu godey around, so that we go put head together.
I entered my room and saw the idiot eating, the four legs of chickens I kept in my fridge were already fried and a plate of fried rice on the table with juice.

Me: guy, which kind of crime you dey commit like this?

licking his fingers which court charge eating as crime?

Me: I no get your time, see I be the next assembly member of my constituency.

I kept the forms on the bed and he immediately dropped the chicken back on the plate.

laughing like ewu guy! I think say your madness dey for local level, I no know say you don enter international.

Me: I dey serious, first lady dey back me up and am up against Okoye.

he start hailing me my tight G, I go be your Chief of staff.

Me: shebi your ears na fancy? I dey against wicked Okoye, that useless chairman.

Ugochukwu: ehnn.. Ehnn… No dull yourself oh, capacity lady dey your back… We go tidy everything with money? how much you don keep for this election.

I whisper twenty million.

Ugochukwu: Jesus!!
screaming which bank you rob?

Me: I even get pass that place, na my savings I tell you like this. I no want make my enemies know say I be rich man.

grinning what if I be one of them?

Me: no be holy ghost fire go kill you, na rat chop.

We dialogue on few logistics to put in place, luckily I got the forty excos addresses and numbers.

I wanted to call for meeting immediately am done with screening tomorrow, Ugochukwu stayed over that day… In the evening a knock landed on my door while we were watching a movie.

Me: who be that?

Anderson: youngest landlord na me… ehnn.. Felicia don come invite the yard for her wedding tomorrow.

Me: my wear clothes, I dey come….

I came out and saw the crates of drinks and biscuits kept in the centre of everyone, I saw Felicia beaming. Make the wedding no get k-leg oh, before somebody go commit suicide.

I sat beside Anderson, he already prepared a seat for me.

Anderson: youngest landlord, my yarn?
I nod, and he clears his throat Felicia here get one important to tell us before we go jump enter item 7.

Felicia: ona don already know, my traditional wedding na tomorrow… And I dey invite all of ona, if you no get gifts no come oh…

Voices: gifts kwa? how plates them go give us? her husband go poor oh!

Anderson: ona don hear am from the talking horse mouth.

I get up ehnn… I wan give ona good news, I dey contest for house assembly.

shouting and scream honourable! I go be your P.A, I go be your Chief security, I go be your secretary.

Them even mention all the appointments position, even ones I no know sef.

Collect my number now oh before I go change mind, ’cause I be celebrity.

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