Betrayal - S01 E10 (Story Episode)

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I stared at him angrily and in shock for a while, before rushing back to my room in tears.

“Baby i’m sorry” I heard him apologise as he followed me but i shut my door and locked it before he could enter. I really was so hurt that day cos i never believed mike would ever lay his hand on me.

Tears flowed freely from my eyes as i remembered how i felt that day. “Why am i even remembering all these?” i asked myself as i cleaned my eyes, but then it was my feelings for Benjamin which was bringing my past experience back to my head, and i had no control over it.

I soon heard a steady knock on my door, which brought me out from my thoughts. I immediately composed myself as i went to open my door and when i opened it, there stood Benjamin with a smile on his face, and he peered into the dark room.

“Are you still sleeping? It’s almost 7:45pm” he asked me while i forced a smile.

“Actually i wasn’t even sleeping oo” i replied as i yawned, switched on my bulb and allowed him in. He entered, looked around for a while before staring at me again. I tried to hide my face by looking down, but his sharp eyes noticed my dull face and red eyes. Seriously guys can be very sharp when it comes to reading a girl’s face, especially a girl they are interested in.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” he asked seriously and with care, while i sat on my bed and looked away, he was soon beside me and he held my hands tenderly.

“Please what is it, maybe i could be of help?” he asked, while i forced a smile.

“Don’t worry it’s nothing” i replied, but he just shook his head.

“I don’t believe you, moreover nobody cries over nothing” he insisted.

“Benjamin it’s nothing serious, i just remembered someone i used to care for” i explained and he smiled.

“Ok, I now understand, so where is he?” he asked but i just gave him a blank look.

“Why do you want to know?” i asked back as i rolled my eyes, which made him to smile and shrug. But then my retort didn’t put him off, instead he drew closer to me and looked into my eyes.

“Sweetheart a problem shared is a problem solved, moreover sharing your story with a friend sometimes helps to reduce tension and bad feelings, and i equally promise to share my own story with you when you are done with yours” he said to me fearlessly, while i looked at him silently as i battled within my mind whether to share my secret with him or not. I thought to myself that no matter my feelings for him, he still is a boy and might use it against me in future, but the way he stared at me really showed he cared and the sparkle in his eyes were very real and filled with love. 

My eyes melted again and i burst into tears while he held me in his arms and consoled me.

“It’s okay baby” he said with his gentle voice, and truthfully I didn’t know how i felt that moment cos it has been a long time a guy held me in that manner.

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