Betrayal - S01 E09 (Story Episode)

3 years ago

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The memory really was so painful cos it was the first time a guy laid his hands on me.

It all happened one fateful evening when we were together in his room, he carried me on his laps and began touching me as usual. First it was my bosoms he caressed, squeezed and fondled, he then drew down the hands of my singlet which gave him clear access to my unprotected bosoms. Even though i do enjoy his touch which really was very sweet, what worried me was his inability to control his urge, which really was in excess with each passing day.

I soon felt his joystick on my as.s as it rose slightly, while he kissed my neck and ear as he fondled and caressed my aroused bosoms.

“Baby you smell nice” he said to me while i blushed, and truthfully Mike really is a master of sweet words which he always used on me cos he knew i loved it.

His right hand slowly found it’s way to my laps which was bare, cos i was wearing a short loose skirt, and his touch really was magical and so sweet that my kitty was soon very wet with kitty fluid. I closed my eyes as he touched, kissed and romanced me………

I soon felt his fingers on my kitty as he expertly worked on it while i moaned slowly.

“Baby easy” i begged, but my pleas only aroused him further and he increased his tempo fingering, kissing and caressing me all over.

Gosh i felt so hot as more kitty fluid dripped out of my kitty. He then turned me to face him, kissed me gently for a while before dropping me on his bed, pulled off pant, parted my legs and immediately brought his head down on my kitty. I soon felt the warmth of his tongue and the fire it drew as he licked and worked on my kitty.

“Oh easy baby, you are killing me” i begged as i moaned, while he licked more and more to the extent of assisting his tongue with his fingers.

“Jeez, Mike totally spoiled my kitty with his various techniques, and all i did was just to moan, plead and wriggle my waist as he licked my kitty dry………

Finally after what seemed like an eternity, he raised up his head and i heaved a sigh of relief and exhaustion.

“Baby it’s now your turn to suck me” he said as he pulled down his knicker while his huge joystick raised its head and nodded, but I looked at him and said nothing.

“What is it baby? Sit up nah” he said as he drew my hand in order for me to sit up but i refused, which left him extremely surprised.

“what is the matter?” he asked

“I can’t do it” i replied, and he smiled.

“Baby there is nothing in it. C’mon sit up let me teach you” he said, but i shook my head, cos only the thought of his huge joystick in my mouth sent shivers down my spine.

“I won’t cos i don’t like it” i said arrogantly, while he stared at me as i got up from his bed and dressed up. His eyes burned furiously as he watched me.

“Baby why are you so selfish?” he finally asked, while i eyed him.

“You are the one very selfish all you now know is sex, just see how skinny you have become” i replied with a hurtful tone, which really was a big mistake and it earned me two powerful slaps on my face while i held my jaw and stared at him in shock and disbelief.

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