Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E34 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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Sofar in the
He had get down with two girls..
(Sheyi and Tania)
He had a crime minded friend .. (lincoln)
He is dating his aunt secretly too..

He has another girl again, her
name is ayomide.. Enough of the
flashback… … After getting well from my planned
sickness… Everything was
going on smoothly just that, i did not
pick sheyi call.., i don’t know
whats wrong with her.. After i nearly
died ontop of her. 3 hours of banging no be joke oh.
She still want me that same day

Tania put a call through to remind me
of our meeting on thursday… After her call, i downloaded some adult
movies to prepared my self for
the match… Because i had told her
already that tomorrow fvck will be
our last one till after my exams.. and i
don’t want what happen with sheyi case to happen again…
I don’t want to be on a loosing end this
time around..

I want to fvck her so hard that she
won’t greet me the following day.. I watch the first one, i deleted it
immediately, because it was not
what i need.. The guy was only fisting
the lady.. I open another one, but i was shocked
after five minutes of watching,
brother dickson did not show any sign
of rising.. Chineka, have died.. I quickly lower
my boxer and trouser at the same
time.. I spit on it and rub it.. It still did
not come up.. Sweat cover me up immediately.. The
fear of sheyi using charm(juju)
on me was the first thing that come to
my mind.. I quickly dash out of the room, i tried
opening lincolns door..

But he wasn’t around I went to the room back.. And dial
lincoln number, he picked up

The conversation

Me: guy, how far ?

Lincoln: i dey

Me: abeg, where you dey ?

Lincoln: i dey second street.

Me: abeg, guy come house

Lincoln: what happen ??

Me: i don enter big trouble.. No be

wetin, i fit tell you for phone..

Lincoln: ok.. Give me five minutes.

I ended the call and went out to wait
for him.. I could not stand still, i was roaming about.. I quickly
follow him to his room when he
came back..

Me: Guy.. There is trouble.

Lincoln: what happen ? I brought out my d!ck and show him..

Me: its not rising He hits with his fist playfully and burst
into laughter..

Me: guy no be laughing matter oh..

You are my last hope ?

Lincoln: don’t worry you will be fine…

Its just a pile

Me: so whats the solution.

Lincoln: i will help you get a drug before monday..

Me: haaa… Todays is just wednesday
na… Pls can you help me get it today..

Lincoln: you will have to compensate
me then !

Me: don’t worry.. I will

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