Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E33 (Story Episode)

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Sheyi later call me that evening.. I
narrated to her how weak i am
since she left.. She said, she would
have come keep my company but my
sister will be back anytime soon.. We
chit chat about other things before she drop the call.. After the call, i laid back on the bed,
covered my self with bedspread
pretending, am sick indeed..

Caro: how are you ?

Me: am okay

Caro: is it that serious ?

Me: its just headache

Caro: have you eaten.

Me: no. She told me to sit upright, she brought
out the food she got for me thereafter..

I ate half of the food pretending, i don’t
have strength to eat..

She bought some drugs for me too.. I
took them after eating.. And slept off. “God should just forgive me for
disturbing this innocent girl..

She woke me up with kiss the
following morning.

Caro: good morning dear

Me:(yawning) good morning

Caro: how are you feeling now ?

Me: much more better… Thanks for
the care

Caro: don’t mention.. If i did not take
care of you.. Who will ?

You are my baby! You are my life
You are my love.

Inshort you are my everything. I love
you baby

Me: (smiling) thanks, i love you too After uttering that last sentence, we
both keep mute for almost
2minutes, before she broke the

Caro: your food is in the kitchen.

Me: alright.

Caro: i gat to go.. Its 7:09 already..

And my lecture start 8.

Me: have a nice day

Caro: thank you baby, i will be back soon.. After her departure, i went to the
bathroom, took my bath and brush my
teeth.. I later went to kitchen to get my
food.. I am almost through
with my food. When my phone started

The call was from sheyi


Me: hello

Sheyi: good morning dear

Me: morning, how are you ?

Sheyi: am good. What about you?

Me: am good too

Sheyi: thanks for yesterday Me: its nothing dear.

Sheyi: can i come over

Me: to do what

Sheyi: what we did yesterday

Me: you want to kill me abi ?

Sheyi: no na.. We won’t take time, just a quickie

Me: even though its smallie, am not
doing anything.

Sheyi: are you angry ?

Me: am not angry, i just have to save
my energy for other things too

Sheyi: other things like what

Me: other things are things i can’t tell
you.. She hissed and hang up the call.. God
punish you i muttered. Na me she
wan kill.. Idiot. I saw 4 miss call on my phone.. One
from ayomide and 3 from the unknw
number that called yesterday..

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