Adventure with aunty caro - S01 E32 (Story Episode)

1 year ago

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After eating, we gist for like five minutes before we
foreplaying.. The s*x lasted for an hour.. It was
breathtaking fun..
She left some minutes to 11.. I took my bath and slept

Only to woke up at 3:30pm and saw 17 missed call on
my phone..
7 from caro
1 from lincoln
4 from ayomide
2 from unknw number
3 from sheyi
I called back according to their frequency


Me: hello

Caro: hello, where did you keep your phone ?

Me: i was sleeping

Caro: whats wrong with you

Me: (God forgive me) am not feeling alright..

Caro: (voice low) have you eaten ?

Me: just breakfast

Caro: pls take care of your self, i will be back very soon.

Me: alright

End call..


Me: hello dear

Ayo: why are you ignoring my call ??

Me: am not ignoring you.

Ayo: so tell me what happen.

Me: i had headache, i took some drugs and slept off.

Ayo: ohh.. Sorry dear.. How are you feeling now

Me: better now..

Ayo: i will call you back, i wanted to attend to some
things.. We gat
to discuss.

I later put a call through to lincoln.. Sheyi number and
the unknow
caller number wasn’t reachable..

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