Gardener's Daughter - S01 E38 (Story Episode)

5 months ago

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Author Favour Oroso

“I can’t believe those two are getting married’s so soon u know..!”Fernando said having a sip of Isadora stared at him weirdly..”u know so well that they LL never get u have a way we can get into ur home without being caught?”Isadora asked Fernando..” what are u planning on doing..!”

“U ll see it all tomorrow..!”

In the beltrans mansion..

Roxana checking out some dresses as Rosie entered the room with a glass of wine..”you here..I was just looking for the dress to wear tomorrow..I really don’t know what to wear..!”Roxana told rosie..”I know..with all of these clothes you ll be confused..but whatever you wanna wear it.. because you look very beautiful..!”Rosie flatters Roxana..” know am so glad you agreed to get married to my are such an angel…”Roxana said..”well I love Miguel so much..and I’ll give up anything for him…”Rosie said..”I never treated your father well when he first started to work here until now I realised that you are all good so sorry for treating him bad..”Roxana said sincerely..”no need’s all in the!”Rosie said as she gave Roxana a very warm hug..*

The following morning..I was laying on my bed when Mrs Roxana Beltran and azucena with some group of makeup girls behind them woke up with the d way they banged my door..

“ to death..!”Rosie said
“Good morning..dear..”Roxana greeted as she opened all the windows..I stood up looking at the bright day ahead of’s the day..

I ll finally get married to the man of my so excited..I can’t wait any longer ..I was lost in my thoughts when azucena called out my name..”Rosie..go don’t wanna be late for your own wedding now do you..!”

I stepped into my bathroom immediately..

The Verdugo’s Teca office..Teca and tecolete dressed in black all round as Isadora and Fernando walked in also in black..all holding guns..

“We ready boss..!”tecolote Isadora..”why is Mr teca coming with us..I only wanna settle some scores with Rosie and my brother..!”Fernando asked Isadora looking very confused about everything..”just dad is only trying to help.. in case d feds shows up..!”Isadora said..”hmm..ok..”

“ teco..follow me.. Fernando take another route with my dad and give tecolete d keys to your house back door..!”Isadora instructed..

In a beautiful garden.. set of fancy expensive chairs well arranged..with beautiful flowery and women trooping in and out..dressed beautifully..the priest standing at the well decorated alter…at the sound of the waltz music..Miguel walked in alongside with a friend of his christain…as he walked him down d aisle…he left Miguel at the alter and went to take his sit..Just then the waltz music plays again for Rosie to step in…*

Inside the beltrans Roxana room..Roxana adjusting her dress as Rosie wears her necklace..”be”azucena hurried Rosie..”you go.. already.. we’ll be there in three minutes..”Roxana said..”but they already started the waltz..”
“I’ll be there..go tell almost done..!”Rosie said still staring at her white wedding dress..shining all over..she was looking more beautiful than ever..”okay..please be fast..!”azucena said as she exited..

“Am done..let’s go..!”Rosie said..
“Wait..I wanna go use d toilet..!”Roxana she rushed to the bathroom..

Isadora and tecolete drove into the compound..through the back gate..of the house which was opened already…”go check if the wedding already started..we must not allow Rosie get to the’s either we get her in her room..or we’ll explode this place off…”Isadora said as tecolete went to peep to see if he saw any lady beside Miguel..just as Isadora was standing alone..the captain aleandro interrupted..”hello Lady..!”captain aleandro said and D minute she recognized his voice..she hid her gun and removed her glasses..”hello captain..!”Isadora said..”why are are supposed to be at d party right..or weren’t you invited..?”captain aleandro asked..”yeah..I was..of course I was invited..I just needed to do some touch up in my make up..!”

Isadora lied..”hmm..ohk..can I wait for u..till you done because you look pretty already..!”captain aleandro said as he sighted the shape of a gun in Isadora pocket..” need to..

I’m gonna take think you need to go now..!”Isadora said..”yeah you right..!”captain aleandro said as he didn’t leave that premises…he had noticed a gun in Isadora pocket so he quietly entered his car near the place where Isadora was standing behind and she never noticed..because he acted like he had already gone..but no..he was there all he sighted tecolete rushing to meet Isadora..

“So what’s the bride there already..?”

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