Gardener's Daughter - S01 E34 (Story Episode)

5 months ago

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Author Favour Oroso

“Hey..wait..cmon..”Fernando held Rosie’s hands as she turns to face him..”what’s your problem..y can’t u just leave me alone already..!”Rosie Fernando hugged her tightly..”I love you Rosie..because I love u and I’ll never leave u alone..!”
“But I don’t love u..m in love with someone else..”Rosie removed his hands slowly…”am sorry..but go find some one else to love..!”Rosie shifted backwards..”ok..

I know..and I respect ur decision..anyways…y don’t u and I take a walk around d house..?”Fernando smiled at Rosie and for the first time she agreed to spend some time with Fernando..

“So why did you bring if we aren’t here to talk about business..?”Miguel asked..”you look very handsome..”Isadora moved closer as she removed the button of her shirt which showed all her boobs..”don’t u like it..?”Isadora smiled at Miguel tries to button her shirt back to normal…she holds his hands as she forcefully kissed him unexpectedly..meanwhile Fernando and Rosie were walking towards d same direction….”who’s there..?”Rosie said to they passed both Isa and Miguel corner..

Rosie saw Isadora kissing miguel vigorously…”
Rosie didn’t even say anything as she was about to turn back and leave..miguel pushes Isadora as he turned he saw Rosie leaving with her side..”what..what have u done..?”Miguel immediately Isadora cleans her lips.. smiling..”idiot..mission accomplished…”

I barged into I and Miguel’s room as I started packing all my things..I need to go back to the US..I can’t believe what my eyes just saw..

Miguel and Isa is unbelievable..I couldn’t control my emotions as I cried out loud..Miguel entered…as he holds my arms..I landed his face with a huge slap..”let me go..let go”Rosie cried out loud..”am sorry..I didn’t do sure this was Isa plans..she has always wanted to be with me..!”Miguel told Rosie..”really..she wanted to be with u…or u wanted to be with..her..I saw d way u two enjoyed kissing each other..”Rosie said still crying..”my love I swear..she always made attempts to break us up that’s d reason y I didn’t want to go talk to her in love u have to believe me..please..cmon..don’t do this to me..please..!”Miguel started getting emotional..”I don’t know what to think anymore Miguel..I just wanna leave here..”Rosie continued packing her luggages..”what about us….!”Miguel asked..”I said I don’t know..I just wanna leave here..and try to think before I come up with a decision..!”
“My love..please..please..forgive me..I didn’t do anything..she was d one who kissed sorry..!”Miguel pleaded”hmmm..!”Rosie faced Miguel as she hugged him immediately..”my love..I’s always you and you has always been you my darling..

I don’t have eyes for anyone else..I love you..only you and I wanna spend the rest of my life with you..

I wanna grow old with you and give birth to plenty kids and have great are very rare..

and intelligent..fearless..that’s why I love you..!”Miguel was still hugging Rosie as she sighed..”my love have u forgiven me..!”Miguel asked..”you didn’t do anything..I trust u.. miguel and am so sorry for ever doubting you…all I want to tell u something..very important..!”Rosie said..”what is it my love..?”miguel asked”I think all of these is just a set up and they are only trying hard to break us up..!”Rosie said..”why did you say so..they..who are bro already gave up on u..!”Miguel said”hmm.. no..he told me he still love me and he’ll do anything to get me..he told me just after u left with Isadora..

don’t u think they were only trying to frame u so we could break up..”rosie said and continued..”I Know it’s really hard to believe..but your brother is crazy and he ll do anything for me to be in his arms..!”

“I think you are love..”
“If he didn’t tell me he still love me today..I would have broken up with u..but they think they can break us up. Will show them our love is getting really stronger by d day..

I love you so much..and nothing will separate us..not even Isadora..!”Rosie spoke courageously…”that’s y I love u..ugh..u scared me..I thought u were gonna leave me..all alone..”

“Never..I’m gonna go take care of something..just stay here..I ll be back soon..!”Rosie said..” careful..I love u..!”

“Love u more..!”

“At last.. they’ll finally break up..oh am so happy..!”Fernando rejoiced giving Isadora a glass of wine..”you don’t look too happy..what’s the matter..?”Fernando asked..”I wish I could just kill that idiot..Rosie..but u told me not to..u r just too stupid because even her dead body won’t fall for u..!”isadora spilled out..”hey..hey..don’t ruin this happy moment ..with d way Rosie looked I think she’s gonna end things with my brother..!”Fernando smiled..”so rejoice with me..!”

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