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The keke man stopped Cynthia close to the female hostel, she jumped down from the keke and paid the keke man, she ran off without even collecting her change, she ran into the female hostel with so much speed that left other students wondering what’s pursuing her.

She stormed into her room and met her roomies worried, they were all busy asking her question on where she was taken to and other things but she didt have time to answer them cause she knows that the Vikings and Viqueens will soon come for her head, she quickly packed some of her cloths, she was about to run when Tracy drew her back.

Tracy: Here is your phone (she said and handed over her phone to her) make sure you call me when ever you get home

Cynthia: (with tears) I will, she hugged her together with her roomies, she heard car engine downstairs.

Tracy: Go now, I Know there are now around

Blessing: Pass through the back gate

Cynthia: Thanks alot

She rushed towards the hostel back door and escaped through the back get, she entered keke and asked him to drop her off at peace park.

Sparkling and 6 other girls stormed into the female hostel and they head straight to Cynthia’s room, they got there and matched the door open.

Sparkling: Where is she?

Tracy: Who?

They gave her a heavy slap that sent her to the bed

Sparkling: I ask again where is she?

Jane: She’s not here

Girl1: Then where is she?

Jane: We don’t know (she answered with fear)

Sparkling: Drag all of them, (she took out her phone and called Thunder, and he picked at once)

Thunder: Where is she?

Sparkling: she’s escaped from the hostel, you should take some of your men with you and rush down to the park and search for here there immediately cause she’s not that far gone.

Thunder: Ok, am with them and we are heading there now.

The call ended

They dragged the 6 girls down stair back into their cars and drove off before the school security came and students started stoning them for coming late.


Cynthia reached the peace park, she paid the keke man off, she bought a new ticket and thanks to God, is only remaining 1 passenger for the current bus to full, she entered and they closed the door and drove off before the Vikings arrived. They searched for her without any sign of her

Thunder: Gush! She can run but can’t hide, I will surely get you.


Cynthia started calling her friends but none of them picked, she continued calling them but still the same thing, she got scared on what will happen to them because of her.

Cynthia: Oh God please protect my friends please God! “she prayed silently in the bus”


The Viqueens dragged Tracy and her roomies to their interrogation Ground and Gallant was there already.

Gallant: Lets just go down to business, where is Cynthia?

Mary: Swear to God, we don’t Know please

Sparkling: Shut up and tell us where she is now

Monica: We are telling you girls the truth, we don’t know where she is.

Alice: Please believe us

Gallant: How can you be roommate with someone you don’t know her whereabout?

Sparkling: They are not ready to talk

Blessing: (crying) please free us, we don’t know where she is please

Gallant: Hey, who is this one? (she asked pointing to Tracy) I have noticed she haven’t said anything since they were brought here?

Sparkling: From the information I got, she’s the closest to Cynthia

Gallant: That’s good. Deal with her mercilessly till she speak up

4 girls brought out some strong wood and started beating up Tracy till her body started oozing out blood

Gallant: Stop

Sparkling: She’s too stubborn

Gallant: Stubborn? I know how to deal with this type without stress

Sparkling: How?

Gallant: Beat up her friends, I believe she can’t stand the sight of them being beaten up.

The 4 girls went over to where Jane, Blessing, Mary, Alice and Monica were and was about to beat them when Tracy shouted “NO” and they stopped.

Sparkling: Are you now ready to talk?

Tracy: On one condition

Sparkling: And what is the condition

Tracy: That you will free my friends

Sparkling looked at Gallant.

Gallant: Yes, no problem so where is she?

Tracy: Am not a kid, release them first
Gallant warned them never to tell anyone or they will kill their friends and later kill them, she then gave sign and they released her 4 friends and blind folded them, they put them inside the car and drove off to the school and dropped them at the school gate and zoomed off immediately. Students later came and untied them.

They took them to the school authority.

The Vice Chancellor with the commissioner of police started asking them questions and they claimed they didt see any of their faces or have any Tracy to the hide out due to they were blind folded.

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