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Sparkling placed a call to Gallant and she picked at once

Sparkling: Babe where you dey?

Gallant: I dey my

Sparkling: I the come

Gallant: Udo, I the wait

the call went dead

Few Minutes later, Sparkling got to Gallant Lodge and knocked at the door and she was asked to come in.

Gallant: Babe, this one you call me by this time, hope all is well?
Sparkling: No, where is Cynthia?

Gallant: Oh is she the reason why you are in this mood?

Sparkling: Yes oo, she slapped me nah so I have to teach her a great lesson

Gallant: Don’t be too fast babe, we will surely deal with her, I have a plan

Sparkling: Tell me about it

Gallant: By now I believe that she’s already in Thunder place, she will play hard on Thunder and you know Thunder is hot tempered and he doesn’t deal with girls rather he will ask us to do the job for him, Then we will use that opportunity.

Sparkling: What if she didt proof Stubborn?

Gallant: Is still in our own favour

Sparkling: How?

Gallant: That means she accepted to date him so that we won’t disturb her and her friends again

Sparkling: She may not accept to date Thunder rather he may loose interest and ask her to go

Gallant: It won’t happen, you know Thunder very well when he says he wasn’t something he must surely get that thing that he wants.

Sparkling: Yes You are right, so when she accept to date him, we would still use that influence to deal with her cause Thunder will only use and dump her.

Gallant: Your right, now you are getting my point of view.

Sparkling: Wow, I can’t wait to lay my hands on her.


The 2 Girls arrived Thunder house together with Cynthia, they got down from the car and asked Cynthia to do the same, she came down and they all walked inside the lodge and met Thunder smoking together with her guys.

Thunder: Wow, what a surprise, whom do we have here?

Girl1: We have brought her here in accordance to Gallant order

Thunder: Wow, Gallant!

Gallant!! Extend my greeting to her, tell her I will call her later.

Girl2: Ok

They left the lodge while Cynthia stayed behind.

Thunder gave his guys signal and they all stood up and left.

Thunder: My Angel, you can come and sit down, your welcome to my lodge,
Cynthia didt utter a word nor did she sit down

Thunder: Why keeping a long face for me nah?

Cynthia: I want to ask you a question

Thunder: Before you ask me anything, can you at least sit down
Cynthia hesitated for a while before she sat down.

Thunder: So what do you want to ask me?

Cynthia: Please be sincere in the answer you will give me

Thunder: Ok I will


The 2 girls got back to Gallant Lodge to give her feedback

Gallant and Sparkling heard the sound of the Car that just drove into the compound.

Sparkling: That must be the girls

Gallant: Yes

They heard a knock on the door.

Gallant: Come in girls

the 2 girls came in.

Gallant: How did it go?

Girl1: As planned

Sparkling: That’s good, welldone girls.

Gallant: Any message from Thunder?

Girl2: Yes, he said that he will call you later

Gallant: Haha, yes surely he will call

Sparkling and Gallant with the 2 girls burst out laughing.


Jane: What will We do about this?

Mary: Yes, we can’t just fold our arms and watch them treat Cynthia Like this

Monica: We just feel helpless on this matter

Alice: I just feel for her

Blessing: She has really suffered in their hands

Tracy: If it is the Angels we would have begged them and they would have listened rather than this Viqueens.

Jane: Yes, The Angels are merciful that this wolves that call themselves the Viqueens.

Mary: Queens my foot

Monica: Is she with her phone?

Tracy: Let me try it

She took her phone and called Cynthia but it rang in their room, they looked at the direction is ringing and the phone is placed of Cynthia’s bed.

Tracy: No nah, she should have atleast gone with her phone and now how would we just contact her.



Cynthia is seen rushing to the door while Thunder grabbed her in his strong hands and threw her to the bed, he forcefully climbed on top of her while Cynthia was fishing for her freedom.

Thunder: Will you just keep quiet and respect yourself let me do this and you can go?

Cynthia: Leave me alone, leave me alone please am begging you, this is rape

Thunder: And who will listen to you? A rape inside my own room? Your joking

He continued to force her when she kicked her manhood and pushed him aside and he was rolling on the bed in pains while Cynthia quickly ran to the door and opened it before she ran off and entered keke.

Few Minutes later, Thunder has recovered fully, he picked his phone and placed a call to Gallant and she picked at first ring.

Thunder: Kill that girl and bring me her head

“he said and ended the call”

Gallant: Wow, Cynthia your already dead “she said in happiness and also gave out a wicked laugh”

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