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“Drop the gun,” he ordered still pointing the gun at her.

She looks at him from head to toe and checked his precision measuring him.“I said drop the gun.” He orders once more, Amanda drops it on the floor as shestares at him. “Good, now turn…” he was cut short by the sudden movement of Amanda as she quickly dash forward and gave him a deep blow to his throat as he gasps letting go of his gun and held his neck, she nods him and he groans, he tries giving her a left hook punch but she was quick to counter his moves, she kicks him in his abdomen as he fell down the stairs breaking his neck in the process.

Taking up her gun, a bullet flies past her ear as she liedown immediately, seeing a second guy with a revolver, she quickly ran upstairs as bullets keep missing her, she got the side wall, wondering why the men are in Michael’s house and why are they trying to kill her.

She peeks at the guy who is masked, seeing an opening, she pulls the trigger twice as two bullet hit his head and left arm, the guy falls down dead.

She exhales as she slowly moves to Victoria’s bedroom.

She holds the knob and turns it giving way for the door to open, looking around the room, there isn’t any sign of Vicky.

She comes out of the room and looks at the corridors.

Then she hears a muffled noise, realizing it is Victoria’s.She slowly walk down the stairs as she carefully head to the back door of the house.

She sees Victoria tied up in the kitchen with a cloth gagging her, she ran to her immediately and knelt down dropping her gun on the floor, she removes the cloth from her mouth. “What happened?” Amanda asks worried. “It’s a trap Amanda,” Victoria warns, Amanda sensing trouble, quickly turns back but is knocked out by a masked man.

***The day after that incident that almost took Ositadinma’s life, Mazi Ebube is kneeling down on his kneels in their bedroom begging mama Soludo.“My wife, am sorry. I let my anger get the best of me. I promise you it won’t happen again.” He pleaded. Mama didn’t say a word to him as she got prepared for church, it was a Sunday morning and everyone in the compound was getting ready for the morning service at Christ Haven Church which happens to be among the only three churches in the community. “You’re going to church and you are keeping grudges against me.” He says hoping she would say something yet she was quiet. When she was done dressing up, she called on Soludo who ran almost half naked to the room. “What happened, why hasn’t your brother wear you your clothes?” She asks ignoring her husband. “Mummy, Osita refuse to wear me my clothes.” He answers confused about his dad kneeling down. “Have you apologize for what you did?” Mama Soludo asks him. “Yes mummy,” he says looking at his feet. “You know what you did was wrong, you shouldn’t have lied against your brother.” She says and calls Osita who came into the room also, Mazi Ebube wasn’t kneeling down anymore as he sat on the bed, he was obviously not going to church. “Why haven’t you dress your younger brother up?” She asks him. “Mummy, I don’t want to.” He replies nonchalantly. “I know your angry but today is Sunday and we are going to church, forgive him okay, if not for my sake but do it for Jesus whom your going to worship today.” She smiles at him.

He looks at Soludo as if considering it, “Okay mummy, come Soludo.” He says as he head for the door.

Soludo followed behind.“Call your sister for me okay.” She told them before they walked out of the door.

Lotenna came a minute later, dressed in a pink gown. “Mummy, Soludo says you’re calling me.” She asks her mother. “Yes dear, go and check on grandma.” She says as Lotenna ran out of the room and straight to the first building.

Getting to grandma’s room, she enters inside and saw mama with Mama Tobenna talking.

Mama seeing her quickly says “Has Amanda come back?”“No granny, she hasn’t.” She answers.“Oh, where did she go to since yesterday that she hasn’t called me.” Mama complains.

Mama hasn’t been herself since when Soludo told her Amanda’s house was lock and that her car wasn’t in the compound meaning she had gone out, since then Mama has been worried, fearing that the village boys has taken her.

Mama with the help of Lotenna has been trying to call her but it was always unavailable, even when Soludo used his mother’s phone, it was the same.

And when Amanda had called, Mama was already asleep with Tobenna by her side.

So it wasn’t surprising she asked the question when Lotenna came inside smiling. “Mama, my mother asks if you would be coming to church today?.” Lotenna asks mama. “Yes my child, am even prepared.” Mama said.

Lotenna nods as she went out of the room.

To Be Continued

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