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Back In The Village.

Having finish washing his clothes and drying the them on the dry line, he wore a red T-shirt and a black trouser, he walks out and calls out to Somadina. “Am going to see granny, I’ll be back later. When mommy comes tell her, okay?” He tells her. “Brother, I was even planning to go there now.” She said. “See your head, who will be at home now?.”he says smiling at her. “Brother you are talking as if it’s today we will lock the door and keep the key under the foot mat.” “Silly girl, oya.

Lock the door let’s go.”She quickly enter the house and picked up the key and ran out again, she bolted the inner door before locking the net door, she slides the key under the foot mat before meeting her brother as they came out of the compound gate. “Oh my god,” he suddenly exclaims. “What is it brother?” Somadina looks at him strangely. “I promise mama some oranges.” “Let me guess.

You want me to go back inside the house, take the key, open it and go to the kitchen then take some oranges from the freezer and come out again, then lock the door once more then meet you here.” She sighs.

“My heartbeat, do it for me na.” He smiles at her.“Okay, am coming.” She says as she ran back inside.

Twog minutes later, she came out with a black nylon in her hand.

The compound was only a ten minute walk so they saw noo need of entering a bike.

When they got to the Uzomas compound, it was quiet for a Saturday morning. “This compound is quiet today oo.” Somadina spoke out. “Maybe the children are still sleeping.” Jidenna says and took the oranges from his sister’s hand as he starts going to granny’s room.

He knocks on the door but there was no response. He knocks again still no response. ‘Maybe she is still sleeping.’ He thought as he exited the passage way.

He came into view of the compound and notices the car wasn’t where he saw it two days before.

He looks and saw that Somadina has gone to Mama Soludo’s compound.

He walks to the building.

He saw the children and Mazi Olisa at the door front, wondering what was wrong, he got closer and saw Mama Soludo on the ground sobbing holding Osita in her hands, he calls Lotenna aside seeing that she and Somadina waa talking, she was crying.“Lotenna, what happened?”“Brother Jidenna, it’s my father oo, he beat Osita because he thinks he was the one that urinated on the bed. Now my brother is unconscious.” She sobs quietly.

Jidenna couldn’t say a word as he noticed Mazi Ebube wasn’t in the room.

A minute later, Mazi Kingsley came and they carried Osita to the nearby hospital.

***THE CITY.“Lord, we know say we no perfect but please, this job we wan run so, mek you be with us as you say in your good book sey heaven help those wey dey help themself, lord we dey help our self so. Thank you.” Viper prayed as he carries a revolver with a dagger which he straps in his left leg.

The crew has already prepare as they all wore pig masks before entering a black SUV van. Gunner, who is driving the van drove to a bushy road waiting for the bullion van.

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