Story: In Love with my best friend’s fiancee - S01 E06

3 years ago

Val' s side of the story continues

The discovery of Queen’s pant in my room by Clara as she took my bed sheet for laundry was something that left me totally speechless and shocked. The shock and disbelief in her face that morning was something till this day I’m still yet to find the right words to describe. She screamed with disbelief as she held up the pant while I swallowed hard praying for it to be nothing but a dream but alas it wasn’t a dream and was as real as ever.

I wasn’t prepared enough to offer a tangible explanation, but then what kind of explanation could I even give with the location of where she found the pant. I needed no telling that Queen had it all planned out.

I never believed she would ever plant such evidence against me. I knew of course she left the pant there on purpose because if she actually misplaced it she would have informed me. I cursed her under my breath as I faced Clara’s fury. It really was the first time in our relationship she ever had such reason to suspect me. I just didn’t know what to say as I stared at the evidence before me.‘’who forgot her pant in your room?’’ she barked.‘’eeem I think it’s my cousin. she came two days ago for a professional exam and spent the night I my room while I slept in the other room because there isn’t any bulb in the other room and she had to read’’ I managed to lie even though I knew the lie was far from being perfect. She scoffed.‘’of course I never expected you to own up. You have to find an unbelievable lie’’ she breathed. I stood up and went close to her, with the intention of holding her. She furiously pushed me backwards. I staggered. I couldn’t really believe it was all happening.‘’I can call my cousin for you to confirm’’ I managed to mutter. She shook her head, threw the pant at me and headed out of the bedroom.

I just couldn’t go after her; I was so much at loss on what to do. I couldn’t help but mutter quick prayers to my creator begging him to give me one more chance of redemption.

Few minutes later, I noticed Clara leave my apartment and I suspected she went over to Queen’s place which infuriated me the more. Of course there wasn’t any way I could expose her friend without putting myself more in a mess. I vouched to deal with the silly girl. I couldn’t help but regret everything I did with her.

Minutes later Clara returned to my apartment and locked herself in the other room. I just couldn’t wait anymore to attack Queen. I quickly rushed to her room , not minding the risk and it was just a slight restraint that stopped me from hitting her with all my strength that fateful morning.

Fortunately for her though, Clara surprised us at the nick of time almost discovering the whole truth herself if not that I was quick enough to hide the pant with my foot.——————–

Clara left my apartment that same morning without giving me chance to make up with her and never did she pick my calls till I had to rush down to Enugu to see her and was so surprised to find her so cool and relaxed.

She even welcomed me into her apartment without any scene, leaving me totally uncomfortable with her action.‘’see Val you and I know the pant I saw in your room wasn’t your cousin’s. yes I’m angry you brought another woman into your place but I’m more angry because of your lies and how you tried to cover it up. Relationships are based on trust and I can’t marry a man I don’t trust. I can’t be with someone that lies to my face’’ she explained as we sat down to talk.‘’so is there no chance of setting things right?, how about our wedding? The invitations have been sent out. We have paid for a whole lot of things already” I managed to stammer‘’you should have remembered all that before you decided to play your game. I feel more pain about all these than you because I’m a woman and age isn’t on my side that much. Nevertheless, I have left everything to God and asked him for a sign if he wants our wedding to proceed or not’’ she summarized, leaving me totally faint hearted.

I left Enugu early the next day, a defeated man. I dint achieve much with the trip and I really didn’t understand what she meant by leaving everything to God and waiting for his sign. At that moment I couldn’t tell if our wedding could still hold or not.

However I didn’t get to wait much because at exactly four days to the wedding date, Clara fell mysteriously sick to the extent that she was admitted in the hospital and as the doctors battled to save her life, couldn’t really offer a tangible explanation over what was exactly wrong with her.‘’was it GOD’S sign or another of Queen’s plan?’’ I couldn’t help but wonder.

Our wedding never held on the scheduled date and as for queen, I was totally shocked to hear about her marriage with Chid i just few weeks later with my baby in her stomach.

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