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Story: In Love with my best friend’s fiancee - S01 E07

Story 3 years ago

Val's side of the story continues

Clara finally recovered after spending agonizing weeks at the hospital but unfortunately for me our relationship never recovered and right from the moment she was discharged started avoiding me.

I couldn’t really believe a woman would abandon her man and wedding plans just because of a singular mistake from her man.

It was something so very incomprehensible. I had seen friends who their girlfriends caught in the act yet their relationships never ended. Why was mine so different? I couldn’t help but wonder over and over.

As days progressed I found relief in drinking and started drinking heavily. It was as if my life was already over. I just didn’t know where to start or how to go about things. Well at least I will soon be a father. I always consoled myself with the thought and yes about Queen, I decided to pay her a visit and see how she would receive me.

On that fateful Thursday afternoon I showed up at her salon, smiling sheepishly. She was so shocked to see me. It was very obvious with the way she froze as her eyes fell on me. She quickly left her salon and joined me outside.‘’what brings you to my salon Val. I’m really surprised’’ she managed to mutter as she scanned me with her eyes.‘’I came to see how you and my baby is doing’’ I answered. She scoffed.‘’which baby?’’ she asked‘’the one you told me before your wedding’’ I answered quickly.‘’well I’m sorry; it was something I made up back then. You can see I’m happily married and any child I have now belongs to my husband’’ she softly explained. This time it was my turn to scan her with my eyes. She still looked as sexy as she used to. Evil thoughts quickly flew into my head.‘’you ruined my relationship with Clara, what makes you feel I will allow you to keep yours huh?’’ I asked. She keptquiet.‘’I have a whole lot of reasons to destroy your marriage.

At least I can come to claim your first child and even if I’m not actually the father the dust it will create will be enough to end your marriage’’ I threatened.‘’Chidi is very loving and understanding. My marriage can never fail’’ she tried to argue faintly.‘’that’s your business’’ I scoffed‘’so what is it you want? I know you didn’t come here only to threaten me’’ she asked. I smiled.‘’well since I’m no longer in any relationship at the moment.

We can continue from where we stopped. If you can come to my place this evening for us to have a good time and you make me happy, I promise not to do anything that will ruin your marriage’’ I proposed. She kept quiet as she pondered over my proposition.‘’this evening’’ I said once again, smiled and left her without waiting for a reply. It was a proposition I felt she would take and yes as for me I really didn’t have anything in mind yet for her only that I needed a woman that moment to satisfy my urge.———————–

Queen's side of the story

My wedding went swiftly as planned even though it was a very low key wedding due to the fact that we didn’t have much time for something much more robust. I was happy things settled the way it went without much drama. I equally was happy that Clara never actually found out that I was responsible for the tension between her and her fiancée. I even paid her some visits at the hospital and she never for once confronted me over anything.

Slowly I began to forget my relationship with Val as I learned to manage my husband and concentrate on other things.

To be frank I regretted the role I played in destroying my friend’s relationship because I was carried away by sex and I never knew Val still remembered me till the afternoon he showed up at my salon with his threats.

I knew I had to comply to keep his mouth shut because he was nothing but a broken animal that was looking for someone to drag down with him. I knew he meant every threat he made and I knew he had nothing to lose at this stage.

I regretted ever telling him about the pregnancy. I treally was one of the so many mistakes I made.

Later that evening, I called my husband to tell him that I would be coming home late due to a home service I was going to render to a customer. Afterwards I proceeded to

Val’s house with a pounding heart because I really didn’t know what to expect in his place.

Val welcomed me with a smile as soon as I showed up at his door, ushered me in and served me a drink. I just was very nervous as I took his drink. Of course I no longer trusted him. He could even be setting me up for all I know.

Minutes later, he came close to me, caressed my shoulder and slowly reached for my breast. I never resisted him. If that was all he needed, I had no problem giving in to him.

Few minutes later we were in his room where he did to me what he knew how best to do. I couldn’t stop myself from screaming out as he licked and knacked me with great abandon, front and back, igniting my whole body with fire.

To be continued

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