Lucifer's Bride - Season 1 - Episode 18

1 year ago


(End Of Season 1).

Hours earlier.

David was driving at full speed down the highway when he suddenly hit his brake.
He came down with his gun pointing forward.
“Slow down, detective, am a friend.” a man said as he approaches David.
“Who are you?” David demanded.
“A man like you, my name is Isaac Slade, you have a gift detective, you are a hunter, but no time to explain. We have to help Rolland before he will be killed by the demonlord.
“What are you saying, and how do you know about Rolland?”
“No time to explain detective, drive.” the man said as he got into the car.
David was speechless, deep down, he knew somehow that what happened to him earlier wasn’t ordinary. The screeching sound and him passing out after that.
Present day time(after the night).

The chief had called David up to his office.
“Good Morning Chief,” David said as he saluted him.
“What’s good about the morning!” the Chief said nonchantly, “We’ve lost a good detective by the suppose ritual killer, and you couldn’t apprehend him.”
David was quiet for some minutes watching the Chief going through some files on the table, he was wondering how to tell the Chief that the killed isn’t human, but he knew the Chief won’t believe him, and would consider him a mentally deranged person over speaking of demons and so on.
“The killer was fast, and I couldn’t stop nor caught up with me.” David blurted out. “I almost died by the hands of the de. . .killer.” David realised he almost said demonlord, he was happy the Chief didn’t notice it.”
“Detective Abraham Aaron is back from vacation and he wants to take up the case, so now henceforth, he will be your partner in the field. Any questions?”
“No sir,” David said as he stood up. “Permission to leave, sir!”


Lucifer had appeared in hell angry, “Now I will bring forth the Uprising,” He screamed all over hell, as he roar like a hungry beast.
Then there was a tremor in the earth ground as earthquakes opened.
Lucifer appeared on earth as he said “Rise my demons, reign in the earth and cause havoc to the sinners.

Rolland, Bella and Isaac felt the earth shook.
Rolland has told Bella about everything.
“Oh no! Not now!” Isaac said as he jumped from the couch where he sitted.
“What is it?” Bella asked.
“It’s the uprising!” He said with fear in his voices. “Somehow, we’ve hurt Lucifer, now he his bringing forth demons on earth.

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