Lucifer's Bride - Season 1 - Episode 17

2 years ago


[Dark Night 3]

Lucifer brought the sword down forcefully but a bullet ran into his head, then he stopped, looked at the direction the bullet came from, he saw a lady with a pistol pointing at him surprised, then Lucifer whizzled the bullet out of his head, it was like the bullet voluntarily came out.

Detective Joy was shocked to the brim at what she saw, she was sure she the bullet she fired hit him on the head, but how he was still standing shocked her, then she regained herself, and pulled the trigger once more but this time, Lucifer became a blur to her, as he moved speedily in front of her staring into her eyes, then before she could react again, that was when Lucifer plunged into her stomach with his bare hands, she gasped as she slowly slumped to the floor as he pulled his out of her now opened stomach, then at that moment, Detective David entered with a man, they saw the body of Joy on the floor and saw blood coming out from her, then David shot the unknown man three bullets which it hit the man but came out by itself, David was amazed, then Lucifer now stood infront of David and was staring into his eyes, he wanted to strike David when he heard a humming song from the man then he backed away from David and faced the man humming the song, then Lucifer heard his ears tightly as the humming song became louder but to Rolland, the man and David, the song meant ‘even though I walk through the valley of shadow of death, I fear no evil. . . .”

Lucifer senses fear on his victims, that’s how he easily killed them. . .

“. . . .The Lord is with me. . . .”

the humming song still rang in Lucifer’s ears, then David starts shooting at Lucifer when Rolland had gotten up then with the strenght, he jumped high in the air with the sword above his head but surprisingly, Lucifer turned into a black fog and dispersed himself out of the room.

It was almost 4pm as David dialled the emergency number as he gave the details of the crime.

“Good thing we came, if not Rolland, you would have been destroyed,”
the man said as he got closer to Rolland. “My name is Isaac Slade, the seer of one of the five. David is also one of the five” Isaac said as he introduced himself to them.

Now we’re three, let’s look for the other two.

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