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His legs and hands were tightly cuffed, the huge rusty chain around him dangled as he moved majestically in an air of ease, the sound of the chian signified the arrival of a new in-mate which called for the attension of the old prisioners who clustered around their iron doors to glance at the new-comer.

No one knew him so they concluded he must be one of those petty criminals who only try to make a living and not a name from the ‘underworld’

“Oya wait!” the senior warder ordered the new in-mate, his cuffs were in loosen by a junior warder who looked much young and naïve. The new prisioner had noticed that young warder’s hands were trembling as he loosen his handcuffs.

“I want you to run away from here” the new prisioner said to the younger warder. He spoke so confideintly whisky tone.

“Why sir?” the young warder asked looking tensed than before, his uniform was visibly vibrating on his slender body.

“Are you stupid? How dare you belief in the treat of a common criminal, can’t you see he is only instigating fear into you?” The senior warder said. He had heard about the great powers possessed and manifested by the new prisioner but he is not beliver of such superstisious statement and besides he wondered if truly the prisioner was who they say he was, then why could it have been so easy for the police to caught him?

“I’m sorry sir” the young warder apologized to the senior officer before he gently pushed the new prisioner into a cell filled with unwelcoming faces who were already on their feet which was a sign of intimidation to new in-mates.

“Please, you have to leave here right now, it’s not save, you have a good heart” the new prisoner said as he turned to face the young warder who was about to brace the cell door with a lock.

“By the way, who the hell do you think you are?” the old officer angily inquired, he could no longer contain his irritation for the criminal acting so composed and unremorseful. He noticed the younger warders feared the new in-mate’s presence in the prison.

“And if truly you are the man you claim to be, why haven’t you vanished? Why wait for the police to catch you? abi your juju don finish? God don catch you be dat…idiot!” the old warder looked disgustingly at the man who claimed to be the most wanted mysterious criminal ‘Abu Terror’ who appeared calm from behind the cell door.

The two warders walked away leaving him at the messy of the other notorious in-mates with record of extreme dangerous cases such as serial killers and rapist, restless thugs and thieves, notorious kidnappers and desperate militants.

“Shey na true?” a very strong voice echoed from a corner of the crowded cell.

The new-inmate turned around and saw close to thirty hefty men appeared almost naked most in short pants and boxers standing infront of him. The faces were unfriendly, dangerous and hungry. The heat and foul smell oozing from the cell was heavy, he felt pity for them. One of the men standing rushed up to him and slapped him heavily on his face. The new inmate almost collapsed he fell to the smelly-sticky floor with his vision and hearing temporarily gone blank. As he tries to make it to his feet, someone else struck him a heavy blow to his back, followed by another one, and another on and so it continued till he passed.

The new inmate jolted back to life into an intense heat, foul smell and murmur around. He was sad knowing he was still alive; he dying would have been of so much satisfaction compeered to the torment in his life. His realized his cloths had been pulled of him completely and was naked like few others inmates who are seen subdued to intense punishment by the stronger ones. Sweat dripping off him and his body felt sticky and smelly. His body arch as he tries to crawl away to the shadowed corned of the cell.

“Na where you think sey u dey go? J.J.C you neva answer PRESIDENT SAH kwession, shey u dey mad, abi ko fe daa fun bobo yi ni?" A thick voice agitated.

The new inmate felt a hand dragging him by his leg roughly across the cell to another corner of it, he was forced to his knees. He realized he had been brought before the boss that controls the cell, the boss was a huge looking man, and all muscled-up and had execs hair on his face. He was comfortably sitting on the back of two people who looked so uncomfortable.

“bring dat thing wey dey your neck” the boss calmly ordered pointing to a fancy and attractive looking chain on his neck.

“I can’t remove it”

Someone slapped him from behind

“I swear I can’t pull it off, it is stuck to my neck” the new inmate explained rubbing his cheek

“So shey na true?” the boss asked in a stronger voice

“I don’t know what you mean” he said in severe pain pressing down his injured ribs

“Koboko!” the boss called out and a stout sized man jumped out from behind, slapping the new inmate aggressively to the floor.

Next time you go talk sey PRESIDENT SAH, I AM NOT UNDERSTAND YOU SAH, shey you understand?" The short man explained nodding his head in emphasizing every word of his.

“Shey na true?”

“President sir, I don’t know what you mean sir” his mouth already bleeding

“Shey na true sey you be the ABU TERROR?

“Yes, president sir” avoiding eye contact, he bowed his head.

Everyone busted into laughter, the self acclaimed Abu-Terror wasn’t surprised they laughed, he would have done same for no one expected the mysterious Abu-Terror in prison. But they wouldn’t have laughed him if only they had knew why he was with them in prison. He had come for the redemption of his soul from LUCIFER, he wanted to end it all right there.

“You mean sey na you be the ORIGINA ABU-TERROR?” the boss pointing to him

“Yes…I mean yes, president sah!” he corrected before he continued “it’s not what you think, I am not the one doing all those things…I am only a messenger”

“Messenger of wetin…messenger of evil abi?” boss trying to be chatty doubting the words he hears

“It’s a voice, it’s speaks to me…the voice, it talks to me in dreams, talks while awake, it calls itself LORD OF THE FLIES but most times it calls itself LUCIFER! the new inmate dramatically explained to the amazement of everyone around who assumed he must be slowly going crazy due to the hot temperature and smell in the cell, a familiar occurrence. But they would enjoy the entertainment it had now caused.

“MR MESSENGER, so shey na the same Lucifer talk you enter KIRIKIRI?” boss asked sarcastically

“Yes, president sir”

Everyone busted into another round of Laughter, they then believed the few hours pressure in cell had gotten to him so badly. They needed fun and there was one for free.

“Sey make you kon do wetin?”
The new inmate looked around at everyone sympathetically

“I’m sorry, I needed to exchange your lives for my redemption” he said regretfully
Suddenly, he held tight to the chain on his neck and screamed so loud


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