Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

4 years ago

I expected that I should be happy that Timi and
Annie were no more an item, but I wasn’t. It felt
good knowing that he won’t be straffing her
again, but it left too many uncertainties. Before
now I consoled myself that the only reason why
Timi didn’t come back to me was because of
Annie. She seemed a formidable replacement.
As I watched him drive, I felt bad. Was he
heartbroken? Abayomi was gisting about the
changes Gbenga Daniel had brought to the
state when he came in 2003, but now, all he
did was loot the state dry. Toun, who was an
avid PDP fan, disagreed. I had little interest in
politics, I know Timi liked Gbenga Daniel, but he
was quiet.
Abayomi: So Timi, would you come pick us for
the party tonight?

Timi: I won’t be going
Toun: why na, because of your heartbreak?
Timi laughed..
I decided that I might put rat poison in Toun’s
Me: you should come na, Annie might be there.
You guys can even make-up.

Abayomi: plenty other girls will be
can have your pick
Toun: you think everybody is as cheap as Kofo?
Abayomi stared at the passing cars..
Me: but if you really don’t wanna come, it’s
For the remaining time spent in Timi’s car, we
spoke about the unknown Umar Yaradua, who
was PDP’s presidential flag bearer. The only
thing we knew about him was that he was the
katsina state governor that voluntarily declared
his assets.
Though Abayomi and Toun wanted me to follow
them home for Sunday rice, I declined. I had
clothes to wash, books to read and privately
sort out my emotional life.
I also wanted to know who had given the orders
for our Kidnap. Though Toun believed National
had something to do with it, I had a feeling it
was bigger than National. Something told me
what Abayomi and I were campaigning for was
more than the SUG position.

Aisha was one of those popular girls in school,
the kind of girl that spent so much on clothes
that you wondered if her house was a boutique.
She was also known for clubbing hard. I was
surprised that she had chosen her house as the
venue for the party. Toun was sitting on my
bed, drinking nutri-c while helping me decide
what to wear.
Toun: National is gaining grounds over us
Me: how do you know?

Toun: Timi was telling me that mini-campus
might be ours, but we would share the main-
campus with National. The college of medicine
and Engineering might just be our waterloo.
Me: and what is he doing about it?
Toun: all he can, you know he is a student also,
and immediately after the elections, comes
Me: true..

I settled for an armless top and a black jean.
Before we went for the party, we decided to
quickly visit Chibuzor, he had arrived from the
hospital the day before. His girlfriend wasn’t
around when we got to his room.
Me: Chiboy, I see you are better now
Chibuzor: stop jor, I know you people came to
mock me
Toun: No jor, we were scared that day o…have
you ever considered dropping out and starting
a Ministry?

Me: you are mad Toun. Don’t mind her jor,
every once in a while poo like that happens..
Chibuzor: how did I behave , tell me what I said.
Toun: ask your girlfriend na..
Chibuzor: we are having issues,she said I
embarrassed her.
Toun: finally , you fucck up sha..
Me: Toun and I just decided to come say
hello..we will be on our way now..
Toun: no!..Chibuzor I am hungry o…you get

I practically dragged her out of the room.
Chibuzor was laughing but you could clearly see
that he was embarrassed.
Abayomi arrived shortly, he came with
Chukwudi, one guy like that in maths science.
They came with some drinks that we started
sipping to prepare ourselves for the party
ahead. Sometime later I got a text..
Timi = changed my mind, see you at the party.
I felt awesome!
Me= you really don’t have to come.
I hoped he wouldn’t take my text serious, I was
already regretting it when I got another text.
Timi = I don’t have to, I want to…

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