Must Read: The Devil Who Loved Me

4 years ago

As soon as the service was over, I walked to
their pew to say hello to him. Toun must have
noticed because she met me as I was
exchanging pleasantries with Uche.

Me: Uche, I haven’t seen you people in this
church before
Uche: yes, we are born-again
The rest of his colleagues that heard this
laughed, I looked at Jafar, he looked at me like
he was looking for something in my eyes.
Me: anyways, welcome to our church. Why
didn’t you people stand up when they asked
new comers too?
This time , he didn’t bother answering me, he
laughed away with his colleagues. I walked to
Jafar. Abayomi had walked to where we were
and was chatting with his chic.
Me: thanks for the other day
Jafar: you are welcome
Me: are you going to be a frequent member of
the church?
I heard Timi unmistakable voice behind me, he
was with Abayomi and Toun.
Jafar: Do you want me too?
I wanted to say ‘yes’ but then, what reason
would I give, so he would make heaven? I
just smiled.
Timi came to my hand and stretched his hand
for an hand-shake with Jafar.
Timi: hello boss, I am Timi
Jafar: Jafar
His eyes registered the fact that this was the
same Jafar that Abayomi told him about. I
hoped Jafar didn’t see it in his eyes
Timi: nice native
Jafar: Timi, excuse me as I finish my discussion
with Tana.

Timi was taken aback for a second, but he
smiled and took it on the chin. He walked away
while Jafar continued our discussion.
Jafar: we have a month till the elections, are
you guys ready?
Me: I guess we are
Jafar: good. I have a good feeling about it
Me: if we lose, I hope you are not too
disappointed in us.

Jafar used his palm to brush my face, from my
fore-head to my chin. The movement was light
and gentle. He spread his fingers as it got to my
Jafar: I would not be disappointed in you.
I looked at him and he looked at me. I was not
sure why but it seemed everybody else froze
around us.
Me: thanks for coming, I have to go now..
Jafar: wait..
Me: what?

Jafar: have dinner with me in my house tonight
I wondered if that was the reason he came to
Me: I am sorry I cant..will be very busy.
Jafar smiled.
Toun was waiting with Abayomi when I walked
outside. Luckily the Pastor didn’t insist on all
those his meetings today. They were leaning on
Timi’s car. Annie and Timi must have been
having an argument because when I walked to
the car, they were staring angrily at each other.
Me: Annie whatsup?
She ignored me. Toun and Abayomi noticed
and did what all good friends do, start talking to
me immediately.
Toun: Tana, we have been invited to Aisha’s
party tonight.
Me: mehn, I just wanna sleep all day
Abayomi: we need all the publicity
Me: Abayomi, is it to late for me to step down?
Abayomi: who will take your place
Toun: Kofo na..

I don’t know why I laughed, but I did, Toun
laughed harder and gave me a high five.
Abayomi looked at me with eyes that could
pierce a rock.
Abayomi: Tana, your Papa left balls!
Me: your mama right b0s0m!
At this time, Annie had left with her p**sycat
doll friends, Timi was looking at us. I wondered
if he told his girlfriend what happened between
Abayomi: Timi, carry us go house na, abeg. I
cannot waste my money on the satan girl called
Toun: what did Tana do na… think I
don’t know that you bleeped Kofo?
Abayomi kept quiet.
Toun: I don’t blame you, sometimes I can be a
bad girlfriend. But the next time you Bleep her,
you and Acho will become buddies.
Abayomi: I love you..

Toun: its not like you have a choice, I heard
Uche has been straffing the hell out of Kofo,
sometimes she misses classes…no love
from kofo…
Abayomi quietly enterd into Timi battered
Mazda, Timi sat infront of him and was busy
telling him how lucky he was to have an
understanding girlfriend.
Me: please Toun, take it easy with Abayomi. He
loves you.
Toun: I know, I just want him to feel bad. And
fear me..
Me: anyways sha..
Toun and I sat on the back seat.
Timi started the car and was cruising on the
streets of Ago, with the most popular student
car in Ago due to how shabby it was, when
Toun asked him a question.

Toun: why don’t you drop your chic in her
house, abi she no fit enter this your car?
Timi: she no be my chic again o…
Abayomi: what do you mean bruv?
Timi: Annie and I have broken up.

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