Story: The Changed - Season 1 Episode 5

5 years ago

Double E sped off, making calls for all check points to look out for the said car. He told them to leave no stone unturned in looking for the car.

As soon as Schemer and his boys had dropped John, he immediately knew that trouble looms quietly if they didn’t play smart. He had seen the inspector’s car parked outside and he knew it won’t take long before a call was placed to all nearby checkpoints. He smiled as he tried to figure a way out of the impending doom. He told his boys to load their guns and keep it close just incase worst comes to worst.


The room was dimly lit up by a 60watts bulb. Apparently, the voltage is poor. No windows, just a door and a fan turning slowly and making a creaky sound. The room is spacious and empty apart from a chair and a table with a bag on it and they are a few meters far from the door. At the far end opposite the table is where a young woman about 31yrs old was tied. She’s fair skinned and even with the weary look she wears on her sleepy face, she’s extremely beautiful. She’s a 5’7 wearing a well woven hair.

She woke up with a start. She tried to digest her situation. She’s been tied to something she just can’t fathom what. Head down, hands tied behind her back and legs tied with a metal, though she couldn’t see it, she could feel the coldness of the steel. She tried to recall last night happenings, but it was a blur. Her situation is now obvious, she had been napped! By whom and for what reason, she’d have to wait to find out but she dares not try to wait. She must find a way out. She pulled at the chains but nothing happened. She wanted to scream but kicked against it after a second thought. She kept pulling till she became weak, she gave in to tears.

“Oh God save me” she cried silently

Just then the door opened slowly and from his appearance he could easily be named a doctor. A gold rimmed spectacle hung from his bulgy eyes, he wore a pair of hand gloves on each hand and a white lab coat with white shoes to match. He’s a 5’2 and chocolate skinned. He carries no beard and he’s bald.

“Glad you’re awake Angela, I’m afraid i have to commence work now”

“What do you mean by commence work?” She asked tearfully “who are you and what am i doing here?”

The doctor said nothing but walked close to her and removed his spectacles thereby revealing a pair of wide gray eyes. He kept staring at Angela who kept crying and trying to make a bargain.

“You want money? Just name your price, anything you want you’ll get it please just let me go” she continued

The Doctor smiled but kept staring at her with his eyes and they show no form of pity in them. So cold was the stare that Angela was forced to keep shut.

The doctor punched her and she passed out


Angela had never been a fighter, she had been weak since birth. Her grace had always spoken for her. She was soft eyed and most times, had been left to the mercy of garrulous girls who always bring more beef than necessary. She had been steadfast in church because she was brought up by God fearing parents. Why John had turned her into a punching bag, she was merely afraid of the punches shouting or fighting back might incur. She had resolved to fate and was only in the marriage because God said so. Now waking up brutally chained was a test to her resolve not to fight back. She felt helpless and was already crying when a Doc walked in and had knocked her out. The Doctor had carried her to a big spacious room, much bigger than the first and more full of life than the first. The place could easily be called an hospital ward but there was only one bed, a wooden bench and a glass table. He dropped her on the table, tied her hands and feet, each separately against the bed’s frame and injected her. He dragged the table close to the bed, dropped a chisel, pliers and a key and walked out.

Angela woke up, her eyes wasted no time in adjusting to her current situation. Her brain searched for answers to the questions that her mind was developing. Questions like why haven’t they killed me? Are they really ritualists? Weren’t they suppose to be dirty? She thought, then for the first time, she thought of escaping. She tried to break loose from the chains that tied her to the bed. She pulled and pulled, but to no avail. She then tried to wriggle free, she felt a sharp pain in her bones and she quickly retired from the act. She closed her eyes and tried to focus on the gargantuan task ahead of her. She might not know why she was brought here but now she’s determined to find a way out of here.

Mr Samuel paced about in his room, he has been left in the dark by the police and information reached him that he was fast becoming a suspect. The numbers he had been trying to call have not been reachable. He kept a chilled whiskey close to him and takes a sip occasionally to ease the tension he’s starting to feel. His phone rang…..

“Yes……where?…..thank God……ok thank you”

He smiled as he dropped his phone. His stüpid son has been found, Remaining Angela. The police are really incompetent, according to the news he had heard, his son was brought home and the police are yet to name a suspect.

“Useless fellows who gets paid to wear uniforms” he muttered to himself.
He kept pacing about, obviously, that wasn’t the call he was waiting for. He had waited for another 30minutes before his phone finally rang.

Double E had just forwarded a call to his assistant whose Van had sped past Schemer’s car. The occupants saw the Land Rover following them fits exactly the description they were given. Schemer had seen them first, but he was trying to reverse without drawing the attention of the men ahead of him. The driver of the police van stepped on the brakes and Schemer swerved and entered into the next lane. The police followed suit. A message was immediately sent to the Inspector to inform him of the situation at hand.

Schemer was formulating plans of his own, and with the highway looking free, he’s certain he would succeed. The Police were hot on his tails and he wished he hadn’t brought the other two guys with him.

Double E knew this chase is likely to end in gunfire so he had dropped John while at the street’s junction. He followed the short routes he knew and had hoped to meet up. He urged his assistant to keep up the chase as he alerted other patrol teams.

Schemer looked unperturbed and even smiled when he noticed about half a dozen police vans were on his tail. The other two guys were bewildered, why is this guy laughing when we are about to die? They stole a glance at each other before looking back, as they had done occasionally. More cars had joined the chase and some were coming from the front. Schemer swerved to his right and then to his left and as he spotted a street nearby, he stepped on the brakes and brought the car to a halt.

“Boss why are we stopping?” They asked simultaneously.

He kept a straight face, putting his eyes to work as he saw the police stop and slowly came out of their cars, using it as shield just incase he might open fire. He laughed aloud.
“Get down from the car!” The Inspector’s assistant yelled.

“The stüpid fools could not even afford a gramophone” Schemer said and resumed his smiling. The police didn’t make a move to go nearer just as he had hoped but all the same, he is going to execute his plan. He started his car, turned it around and drove straight towards the police, while they ran confused, he swerved and drove through a small space he had noticed while he had parked in the road. He rode back the way he had came leaving the police is disarray as they rushed into their car.

Double E’s phone beeped and the message reads “he’s escaped and heading backwards”. Foolish pricks! he exclaimed. He stepped on the gas with such ferocity that the gear would have broken had it not been a little flexible. He drove around a bend and sped off into the highway making a silent wish to come across the men in the Land Rover. He’s wish was came to pass almost immediately as he found himself face to face with the same people they’ve been chasing. They were going head to head and his heart skipped a beat as he thought of the damages he might incur in the process. His car is merely a Camry is less balanced than the car he’s about to run into, yet he kept his faith and hoped to make the driver of the opposite car make a wrong move by swerving and probably having an accident. About 30s before collision, after he had noticed the driver meant to run into him, he brought out his pistol and fired at them.

Schemer saw the move Double E was about to make but his trying to dodge certainly wasn’t one of his plans. He was going to use the advantage bestowed on him by the car he was using.

Double E fired shots after shots which bore holes in the windshield of the Land Rover yet the driver seem bent on running him over, he dodged and the Land Rover had hit the back of his car with the collision sending him skidding of the road and nearly running into a nearby building but ended up damaging a small portion of the fence. Determined to catch these criminals, he reversed his car and continued the chase.

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