Story: The Changed - Season 1 Episode 4

5 years ago

Double E did his best, played the surveillance tapes over a hundred times, asked about one million questions, but was still left clueless. A street urchin who was there when John was kidnapped was brought to him, it was a valuable information but for now, it seemed useless. The blood on the floor was declared long dead though it was the same blood group as Angela. Her kidnapper has done his homework Pretty good. But no one is perfect, and he must find the flaws.
John woke up on the floor in big room with the walls painted white and then one big mirror at one side of the wall. He couldn’t locate the door at first and wouldn’t have if the door had not opened. He turned around sharply and came face to face with a man in a lab coat.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?”

“Relax Mr Man, your case is not in your hands” the man said dryly “if we wanted you dead, we would had killed you long ago.” He busied himself with a folded piece of paper on his hands “you see, you are a wrong son of a right dad. I envy you, a lot of people do.” He made for the door but was obstructed by John. “The more i hang around you, the more worse things I’m going to do to you”
John felt cold and asked stuttering “w-w-w-what a-a-re y-y-y-you going to do me?”

The man said “just relax and try to learn. Make no funny moves” and he walked out.

John made to go after him but the door was shut to his face while he screamed “please let me go! Please! Name your price! Please……!!!” Then he started crying. “Oh God, please forgive me my sins” he prayed silently.

He tried to rack his brain and maybe find a way out. Why is he here? He asked himself quietly. What has his Dad had to do with this? He stopped crying and tried to man up but his courage failed him. He rested his head on the wall and slept off, feeling helpless.
Double E paid John’s home a visit, with his assistant as company. He ransacked the whole house in search of anything that might stand as a clue.

Hr turned to his assistant who had been standing idly ever since they got here “when last did you put your brain to work?”

He replied smiling foolishly “just now”

“Really? By standing idly and looking like a fool? I’d rather make use of a dog than you” he was getting agitated.

Still smiling he said “i was thinking”


“Arresting Mr Samuel Sir”


“Because he is a prime suspect”

“Really? Why are you always this silly? His son and daughter in-law are the ones missing, not a rival!”

“Sorry sir but can i present reasons?”

“Alright, go ahead”

“First, his son is the one missing, and he was kidnapped on his way to his house”

“Jesus! So? That isn’t enough to warrant his arrest. Please keep your silly thoughts to yourself”

“All I’m saying is that he is a suspect and a very big one at that”

“And all I’m saying is keep your thoughts to yourself” and he walked out.

He went back to Mr Samuel’s home. He sat in Angela’s room, walked to the bathroom and came back. He sat on the bed and tried to picture Angela going into the bathroom. He wondered how can someone gain entrance into the house without scaling the fence? He believed the camera wasn’t tampered with, which means the kidnapper was inside all the time. His assistant might be right after all, Mr Samuel hands are a little dirty then. He’s going to interview him but what if there are other ways of gaining entrance into the building? Only Mr Samuel can answer that question and he’s going to extract that from him. He’s getting close to cracking this case, and only God knows what is going to happen to the culprit.

Angela woke up feeling weak. She could feel blood gathering in her brain as she was hung upside down, she’s running out of time. No way to tell the time since the room was dimly lit up by a 60watts bulb. How long had she been here? What is it her kidnapper wants? She couldn’t recall how she came here, the last thing she remembered was being in her room. She cried silently.

Schemer was in his house smoking weed, wrap after wrap he blazed, coupled with monkeytail (a local mixture of weed and dry gin). He was a young man in his early thirties, heavily built with big black lips, probably gotten from too much weed. He is 6’7 with chocolate skin, a scarred face, deep voice and red eyes. He’s always seen in tank tops and jeans, a heavy gold watch and necklace always on his hands and neck respectively. His body smelt riches, but one would wonder why he loves the locally made gin. When asked once, he laughed and said “na the one wey dey make me see road pass”. He was the one who spearheaded the attack on John, with the others being his boys, they merely felt they were working for their boss, which is true but only to an extent. Schemer wasn’t his name, he had earned it back in his university days, after thwarting lecturers and stealing question papers as well as sneaking into laboratories and every other place he could not afford not to be. He was nicknamed schemer by a frustrated professor whom he made leave his office so he could submit his exam paper. The professor had been forewarned that the new set comprises of a lad named Onome, who’s a cultist and also brilliant, he was told to thread carefully that the boy’s GPA is yet to fall below his normal 4.7. He hated the boy instantly and if not for the boy’s connection, he would have failed him but he couldn’t, because the boy would ask for his papers. Schemer was an orphan with just a sister and he was doing everything he could to fend for himself until he met a man who changed his life

His phone rang, he stared at it, and picked it up at the third ring
“The stüpid boy is safe and doing nothing as usual……i think we should let him go but give him some injuries so as to keep the police confused…..let’s concentrate on project C.C instead…… Ok sir……done”

He dropped the call, he got up, walked into his room, opened his wardrobe, he punched a code into what had seemed to be a wall and it gave way, showing a long corridor. He entered into the corridor, walked towards the end and stopped, punched another code and a wider door opened. He walked in and signaled 2 of his boys and walked into one of the rooms. They blindfolded John and took him away. They beat him up and dropped him in front of his house and drove off living a large cloud of dust behind. John got up, removed the fold from his eyes and he felt real fear. He ran inside speedily only to meet Double E pacing around.

“What are you doing here?” He asked clenching his fists, thinking he’s face to face with a burglar.

“John you are back!? How come?”

“You still haven’t answered my question Mr man”

“I’m Inspector Edogho” he said bringing out his wallet.

“They dropped me here blindfolded and drove off minutes ago”

Double E rushed out and John followed suit. He entered his own private car with John sitting on the front passenger’s seat and tried to follow the trail. When he got to the street’s junction, he asked the shop owners if any had noticed a car speeding out.

“Na one yeye jeep wey nearly jam my pikin” a woman said.

“It was a Land Rover but with no plate number” a youth said.

Double E sped off, making calls for all check points to look out for the said car. He told them to leave no stone unturned in looking for the car.
As soon as Schemer and his boys had dropped John, he immediately knew that trouble looms quietly if they didn’t play smart. He had seen the inspector’s car parked outside and he knew it won’t take long before a call was placed to all nearby checkpoints.

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