Story: The Last Wolf - Season 1 - Episode 59

5 years ago

“What do you mean by Fusion ” I asked totally perplexed by the statement.
She felt uneasy then she started playing with her fingers, I have seen this act before, she usually do this whenever she is extremely nervous and whatever she is about to spill isn’t good one bit.
” Take your time sis, come let’s sit “I said because I knew that pressuring her won’t help her and she won’t say nada no matter what one does.
I massaged her shoulders to make her more at ease with herself.
” I can’t tell or show you this but let me complete your wolf “I was about to ask what that meant but something gripped me and lifted me up so suddenly and then I remained about four feet above the ground and then Audrey started murmuring some words I believe were in Latin.
This caused the ray of the moon to fall directly on me as the words of Audrey intensified.
A pain so intense started from my backbone and it spread to the rest of my body. It intensified as it spread, I couldn’t help it no more when it got to my brain. I screamed with so much venom like one who was tortured. It caused the other occupants of the house to run out thinking it was an attack.
“Hey, let him go “I heard Jason say, but Audrey just ignored him.
I continued screaming as I slowly blacked out, I suddenly felt a new s£nsat!on running through me, like two entities merging within me. The feeling was unique but it soon stop as I fell to the ground and the whole process stopped. The rays Of the Moon shifted away from me back where it was as I lost consciousness.
After dinner, I went back to the room I shared with Luke. He was lost playing God of War on his PSP while I took his Bluetooth speakers and connected it to his Samsung tablet, since my phone is useless when it comes to Bluetooth.
I kept Brett Eldredge ‘s Lose My Mind on repeat because I was totally losing my mind right now due to Miss Audrey. The music soon got to Luke who asked me to tune it up, which I did and soon it turned to a full blown party only that it was all boys, but I was sure neither of us was gay.
We were just having fun when a scream so high pitched ripped through the air, quickly, I stopped play and ran downstairs, the lads followed and I discovered the screams was coming from Coach. Who would have ever thought Coach could scream like this, I went closer and I saw him standing directly under the rays of the Moon, he wasn’t actually standing, he was caught in mid-air and whatever was happening to him was caused by Miss Audrey. I asked her to stop but she just ignored me, I decided to stop her but somehow I couldn’t get up to ten metres of their position. A kinda invisible wall prevented me from doing so, Damm it.
All we could do was watch in fascination as the rays of Moon shifted away from Coach back to where it should be, it was an absolute Beauty, one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen before.
Mr Richard dropped to the ground like he was dead, the wall was removed, immediately I and the only females in the house ran up to him while Miss Audrey sat beside Richard crying.
“Wake up Richard, wake up, Damm it ” Miss Angel screamed before hitting Mr Richard on the chest.
I checked for Mr Richard’s pulse but it was still.
We all thought he was dead when suddenly, the air around him started sizzling like it was on fire, his body started getting warm again and then suddenly his eyes popped open,but they were glowing bright amber, it was so bright, I had to turn away.
The Aura around him was astonishing and the air continued sizzling, this wasn’t the Coach I just practiced with this morning.
He stood up with everyone moving away from him because of the sizzling air around him.
He looked around and locked his gaze on Miss Audrey and said,
“Show me what happened the day my parents died. ” His voice was entirely different now, it was now more like two beings spoke at the same time and still his eyes glowed albeit less brighter. Whatever Miss Audrey did to him changed him completely, I hope it’s for the good of everyone.

I feel different, l feel awesome like some kinda god. I got up from my unconsciousness but I saw Lucy, Audrey and Angel even Jason moving away from me, like a bomb was tied to me. Their faces all reeked of fear but I wasn’t interested in that now, I looked around and found who i was looking for – – Audrey.
“Show me what happened the day my parents died ” was what I said, my voice sounded differently like my wolf was talking alongside with me but it shouldn’t be except I am in my wolf form.
Audrey shook her head vehemently and begged me to forget about it. That set me off, what the hell is wrong with her. Explain it she refused, Alright show me the damn thing, it’s a no again.
“Look, I don’t have time to sugar coat you again, show me what happened that night, I won’t ask again”
She swallowed her saliva and walked up to me, she then place her right thumb on my forehand. The touch felt a little rough like she had some Sandy particles on it.
She murmured some words and immediately I saw myself in what looks the living room of my parents house.
Dad and mum were talking about something while playing with the little me, when suddenly Dad asked me Mum to take me to the basement and hide me there while she is also to remain there too.
I watched as George came into the room with two witches who immediately stopped the transformation of Dad who tried to turn to his wolf. Stopping the transformation midway really hurt Dad and the witches didn’t help matters by murmuring some words which caused Dad to scream out in pain. Suddenly Mom came out of nowhere and bumped into one of the witches and was about to rip her heart out when George took hold of her hand broke it and then carried her to her screaming husband. He kept them together facing each other and whatever spell that was working on Dad began to manifest in Mom too. In no time she joined Dad in screaming too.
Both of them got weaker and weaker, then I saw a sort of being been pulled out from their body and a third one too was rising from the basement. Mom saw one the third rising and then began saying some words in Latin which she ended in English saying,
“For you I take this pain, fight and destroy this evil but let good be found in you first ”
After those words she continued screaming but this time her screaming were much louder. I saw the Being coming from the basement split into two, one of it was dragged away while the other returned to the basement.
The beings were pulled away and were sU-Cked into the ground.
Then one of the witches said, “It is done”
George smiled and walked calmly to where Dad and Mom were and said,
“You thought you were invisible well you aren’t, so what will be your final words ”
” Vengeance will surely find it’s way to your home, that I promise you and it will take everything you hold dear from you ” Dad replied him.
Despite being in excruciating pains Dad and Mum had their final kiss before George ripped out their hearts in a sudden fit of rage.

Oh, but his rage was nothing compared to mine because as soon as He killed my parents, the spell ended.
In a blind rage I took off to George’s Mansion, I heard Audrey calling me but I ignored her.
True to my words, Most of my crew started arriving in the evening and by night fall all were present.
I called for a meeting in the newly built training ground with George himself in attendance.
George was on his training kits, it’s been decades since I have seen him train with us even the look on the faces of my comrades was of total shock. This wolf guy is really getting to George, for Heaven sake, he should take a chill pill.
“We have a deadly threat in town, one which is capable of removing the lot of us from existence, following an attack on my person some days, I have declared this a VALDON battle………
“Oh yes, it’s a battle, a bloody one and you had it coming. ” were the sudden words I heard, I turned to see who had the creepiest voice I have ever heard.
But before I could do so, Tim and Dunk, the fastest Valdons among us went for whoever had the nerve to cut George off.
They attacked him in what I named the half triangle attack. Tim attacked him vertically while Dunk attacked him head north.
But it didn’t work because without looking, the guy side stepped the both of them and with reflexes so quick, he turned and held both Tim and Dunk by their necks, raised them up before snapping their necks.
I became mad, those were two of my my brothers he just hurt. I went after him twirling my two Swords so fast, it caused a mirage of rolling blades. I use this in distracting my opponents while I got close enough to do the damage but this guy punched me right through the speedy blades, I flew more than fifty metres backwards to the feet of George, who aided me in getting up.
Who the hell is this guy?
“What do you want Richard? “George asked..
Finally he looked up and his eyes were glowing amber, it was really bright. All of the vampires in the Mansion formed a wall around him but none went near him.
” What do I want, I want your head and do know that I will do worse than just rip your heart. I am sure you want me dead, well you better be at your best in two days time at the Fields of Nolan. ” He replied George.
With that he kicked Tim off his way and walked gracely out of the training platform.
If this is the Freak we are going to war against, then George has every reason to practice really hard because his foresight alone is enough to kill George.
For the first time in my life since I became a vampire, I feared for my existence.

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