Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 21

2 years ago

Ecovoc had been knocked into coma while Ehi surprisingly had come out without a scratch.
In less than an hour after the crash the news was on every media outlet as a breaking story. There were a lot of speculations floating around and some even went as far as claiming to have an inside source that was feeding them information.
She spent the night in the hospital because the doctors insisted on monitoring her. The next morning Trish had someone take her out back since the front was filled with reporters and fans. She drove her to Mani’s house since her house was swamped with reporters.
As soon as she was settled, she called her house and the housekeeper picked and she instructed her to pack the kids clothing because they will all be spending the next ten days in Mani’s house.
Trish cancelled all of Ehi’s appearances for two weeks on the grounds that she needed time to heal.

She spent the her morning sleeping and even when she woke up, she didn’t get up from the bed because she didn’t want to deal with the people outside. She knew they were worried about her but she didn’t want to talk to anyone. She kept replaying the moments that led to the accident in her head,wondering if maybe they had done something different then he would probably be okay at the moment. Even though their relationship wasn’t real somehow they had formed a kind of friendship and he was a really nice person that didn’t deserve this. She thought about all the plans he had told her about and wondered if he would wake up and complete them. His tour that was supposed to begin next month would undoubtedly be pushed back pending when he gets better. She thought about her children and how close she came to leaving them motherless in this world. She wondered if she had died, if they would remember her and if any of her friends who have looked after them properly. She wondered if it would be a bad idea to tell Cicero about their children. This accident just opened her eyes on how life could be snatched at anytime. If anything was to happen to her, she knew she would only rest in peace if she had made plans so her children will stay with their dad.

Mani and Christian were amazing people and she had no doubt that they would step in to look after the twins but nothing could be compared to having one’s parent in charge. She sat up and dragging the phone by the bedside table towards her and dialed the number she had saved in her memory.

She dialled the number and waited nervously before someone picked up after the third ring.
“Hello. ” she heard a female say.

“Hi, is Cicero close by? ” she asked.
“No. He is in the shower. Who am I speaking to? ” the lady on the other end asked.

Ehi contemplated calling her name but thought against it. “I’m Katrina and we went to school together. I was just checking in.

“Well Katrina thanks for calling. My husband and I appreciate your care. I will tell him… ” Ehi didn’t hear the rest of what she was saying because she ended the call. The only thing that was ringing in her head was husband. She couldn’t remember anything about him being married. She immediately got up and went down stairs to ask Mani. Before she could speak, she was ambushed by the twins who just got back from school. They knocked her off the ground and Trish had to lift them off her. They were happily chattering about something she had no idea of.

Once they saw Christian, they screamed and ran over to meet him, they hugged Mani too and got money from her. For some reason Mani was always giving them money and Ehi wasn’t too happy with it but she knew that even if she said anything they wouldn’t listen to her. They will probably start receiving the money behind her back, so she monitored them closely. She had earlier made a piggy bank for them to save their cash.

“Okay babies, go upstairs and store your cash and when you are done, lunch would be served. ” She heard herself say. They didn’t need any further encouragement as they both ran up the stairs with their nanny trailing behind. “Oh my gosh, sometimes I wonder where I get the energy to handle those two at times. ” she said laughing.
“They are a handful I must admit but there is also this saying that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. ” Mani said in a funny voice.

“I second that. ” Christian added.
“I’m not going to fall for your tricks. I’m too tired to argue with y’all today.” she la!d down on the floor and had her legs on the arms of the chair next to her.

Trish who had stepped away from them to receive a call, returned with tears in her eyes. “I have some bad news, I just spoke to his manager and she told me Ecovoc is dead. ” She paused so as to hold back the tears that were threatening to spill. “She told me that he always wanted to be cremated and that’s what they are going to do and there will be a memorial service for him in three days time at his residence.” Every tears she had been holding back spilled at that moment. The room was quiet except for her sobs. Everyone was lost in their thoughts.

Ehi said a quiet prayer for him and got up to get the twins lunch.
The memorial service had been a private one and only family and the closest of friends were invited.

No one could really pinpoint who but somehow someone had snuck a camera into the place and there were videos and pictures from the event the next day on blogs.
A picture that was circulating more was that of Ehi and his mother hugging each other while crying.

Ecovoc never told his mum that their relationship was fake and she didn’t have it in her to tell the woman the truth now especially how they have become friends this past few months. She had stood next to his mum all evening and as a mother herself, she had felt every pain with her.

Ever since his death, his music was topping the charts. His albums were all in the top ten region with his latest at number one.

The pictures they had secretly taken together in order to release them as his tour progressed was leaked online and it caused a frenzy with many outlet speculating that she was finding it difficult to come to terms with his death. One blog alleged that she had attempted suicide and another stated that she was popping pills to help her deal.

Ehi felt bad about such stories and wanted to sue but she also felt guilty deep down because she it was partially her fault that people would think such. If only she hadn’t signed that d--n contract, maybe she wouldn’t have been caught up in the middle of this was what she always told herself.

Trish told her the speculations would only get worse if she keeps hiding herself indoors so she set up a dinner date for all of them and she tipped off some paps on her payroll.
The plan worked because minutes after they stepped foot in the restaurant, there were pictures and videos of them everywhere.
The first runway she walked after the accident was the Victoria Secret fashion show. She had earlier on be made an angel but the media didn’t care about that part. They were more interested in seeing her come out of hiding.

She refused interviews during that period and the only thing the media had was hearsay.
In February at the Grammy’s Ecovoc had the most wins of the night which was for six awards including record of the year,song of the year and album of the year.
She had attended the award show with his mother and his cousin Matilda, who had been his manager while he was alive.

The next five years were quiet and wonderful for her. There was no more faux relationships,all she did was work and be the best mum she could be to her children. When the twins had turned ten in April, she had thrown a thrown a superhero themed party and had invited friends. Nessa couldn’t attend the party because of some engagement she had at home but she was there for Ehi’s thirtieth birthday party.

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