Fierce - Season 1 - Episode 22

2 years ago

For her thirty first birthday, Ehi didn’t throw a party. She spent the day with her kids. They talked, baked, played around like they used to and they ordered Chinese food for dinner and watched TV until the early hours of the morning.

It was the next morning when she finally switched on her phone that she saw numerous messages pouring in. She read and replied them, because she knew if she didn’t do that now, she won’t do it ever.
It was sometime in the afternoon that it hit her that not only had she not gotten a call or a text from Nessa, she also didn’t get the gold wristwatch she had become accustomed to. She had spoken to Nessa some days ago and everything seemed okay.

She dialled Nessa’s number and it rang but no one answered. After several attempts, she decided to try the house line and it rang twice before someone picked up

“Hello” a strange voice said.
“Hi, I’m Ehi and I will like to speak with Nessa please.” The other person at the end of the call broke down in tears. “Hello, can you hear me? ” she asked.
“I’m so sorry. ” the stranger replied between sobs. “I’m really sorry. I’m just a little bit emotional right now… I’m sorry you won’t be able to speak to Nessa because she got knocked down by a vehicle some days ago and today her body was cremated… Can you imagine that? ” she broke down in tears again.
Ehi had no idea when her phone slipped from her hands and fell to the ground. She fell to the ground and wrapped her arms round her knees. The last conversation she had with Nessa kept playing in her head. She remembered her childhood and how Nessa had practically raised her.

She la!d on the ground for hours just reminiscing on all the good times they shared. She wondered how she was going to break this down to the kids, since they regarded her as their grandmother.

She felt someone tap her from behind and when she turned around, it was one of her cleaners.

“Sorry to disturb you miss Ehi but I will be leaving now. Is there anything I can do for you before I leave? ”

“No I am okay Gloria. Those clothes on the dresser is for your kids by the way. I promised to get them the new Black Pyramid gear. Some were already sold-out so I got the ones I could. Tell them to take pictures so I could see how good they fit. ”

“Thanks a lot ma. I will personally take those shots. I guess I will see you next week. ”
“Thanks. Have a nice day ahead. ”
” You too ma” Gloria replied and walked away. Not too long after that Ehi heard the front door open and close.

She stayed on the floor for a while before forcing herself up to tidy up before the kids got home from school.

That evening she took the kids to their favorite spot so they could have dinner. While they were eating, she told them about Nessa’s death and they spoke a bit about her. She quickly switched topic and asked about their school and friends.

They were still talking about a funny teacher they have when someone walked over to them.

“Hello Ehi” The person said with a voice that sounded familiar.

She looked up and locked eyes with Simeon. She hadn’t seen him since that time he threw her out of his apartment.
She looked him up and down before replying “Hello to you Simeon. It’s nice to see you again. ”

“Yes it is. I was at the corner having a drink with my friends when I spotted you and decided to come over.”

She wanted to ignore him, but her kids were watching and she didn’t want to set a bad example. “Wow, that was really nice of you. ” She forced herself to say. He didn’t reply her and that made her turn her head towards him again and found himself starring at Theodora and Malik.

“How old are you?” He said to Malik.

“How about your sister? ”
“She is my twin. ”
“Okay…sorry my bad” He turned to Ehi “Hmm, eleven years… Eleven years… Wow, does that mean that you didn’t…? ” he smiled mischievously “It was nice meeting you ” he mumbled and walked away.

“What a strange man. ” Theodora said.
“Mum,how on earth do you know that mad man? ”

“That’s Simeon. That’s the person who introduced me to the modelling world and when we fell out was when I moved in with Christian and Mani. ”

“What did y’all fight about? ” Theodora asked.

“Stop being so Inquisitive Dora. Are y’all done eating? Let’s leave this place before I run into more people I will rather forget. ” She dropped enough money on the table that will cover the bill and at the same time leave a sizeable tip.

As she walked out, she felt someone watching her and when she looked behind, she locked eyes with Simeon who had a silly grin on his face. She ignored him and led the way out of the restaurant.

A month later,

News broke out early in the morning that Cicero Smalls and wife split. By afternoon, it has been added that the couple share two children, a boy aged five and a girl aged three.
By evening, it was added that even though Rebecca had changed her last name to Smalls that she wasn’t legally married to Cicero. Although she told everyone who asked that they were married.

Some hours later, it was added that the split was caused by infidelity.

The next morning, a well known website released a blind item stating that the cause of the split was a female celebrity. The same website updating in the afternoon with pictures of her and Cicero. Somehow they had gotten their hands on some of their old pictures together and also pictures of them when they had become famous.

By evening, there were pictures of her and the twins on every media outlet. The story being ran by the media was that her and Cicero were still an item and we’re secretly raising the kids behind the back of Rebecca and it was after she found out about it that she called it quits with Cicero.
Other websites went as far as stating that Cicero and Rebecca were supposed to get married the next month but once she found out about the affair behind her back, she called off the wedding.

On social media people started comparing both women. Some felt Ehi was a stunner and was wealthy enough in her own right, seeing as she was worth over a hundred million dollars. Some argued that even though Rebecca wasn’t as beautiful as Ehi, she was more intelligent. They back their arguments with the fact that Rebecca was an assistant professor at a university whereas Ehi was a high school dropout. Some people called Ehi a home wrecker while others came to her defense saying she isn’t the one to blame rather it was Cicero who couldn’t make up his mind on who he wanted.

Cicero’s team released a press release to debunk all the media theories and stated that the separation between him and Rebecca had nothing to do with his kids with Ehi, rather it was because they both had irreconcilable differences but are still amicable to one another. It further went on to say that all the party involved would appreciate some privacy at the moment.

While his press release had sounded calm and in control, the behind the scenes were the opposite. There were a lot of shouting and screaming at each other.

Cicero’s lawyer had contacted her camp that they will like to have DNA test done on the twins to ascertain paternity and would prefer if they do it quietly rather than going through the court. She had agreed to this.

Ehi was having the worst days of her life ever since the news broke. While she wasn’t concerned about what the media had to say because she knew people will always have something to say. She was more concerned about her children.

Unluckily for her, she had underestimated how far this story would go and had left her kids in the dark only for them to find out about their father in school. Both of them refuse to speak to her at the moment. She knew it was worse for Malik because just like his daddy he also wanted to play in the NBA someday and Cicero has been his idol since childhood. He was mad at her for not telling him who his father was all this time.

When she had tried explaining to them her side of the story, they had rebuked her and she had decided reluctantly to let the news sink in for the night and then tomorrow she would talk to them.

The next morning she woke up to an interview of Simeon. He talked about how he scouted her and brought her to New York and how she had met Cicero because he lived next door. He further went on to say Ehi dumped him as her agent when she started getting famous. He even added that he didn’t make any money from her and how he had to borrow from people to make sure she had everything that was necessary to make life better for her.
If the last three days didn’t rock her world, well the interview did just that because Simeon painted himself as an angel and her like the devil.

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