Story: Enslaved Secretary (21 +) - Season 1 - Episode 13

6 years ago

Sharon groaned. She was already embarrassed clear to her core at the salesman seeing her eating her boss’ prick. Now she was going to be humiliated even more by being forced to sU-Ck a stranger’s J0yst!ck. Her face and tits were red with shame, and she was reluctant to crawl across the room. But Alex kicked out of his pants and shoes and dragged her across the room, shoving her near the salesman’s knees.

“Nooo!” she m0aned, but Alex aimed a hard kick at her butt0ckz. His toes struck her right in her butt0ckz-crease, battering her shithole. She knew it was just the start of the beating she’d get if she didn’t do as she was told. So, while Alex stood over her, Sharon reached up to unbuckle the salesman’s belt. She quickly had the man’s pants and underwear don to his ankles, and she leaned over his Unclad legs.

“Now,” Alex said as he moved behind Sharon’s Unclad body, “I’m going to F**K out this bitch’s asshole while she sU-Cks on your J0yst!ck.”

Sharon wanted to scream out in horror. The thought of eating more prick or getting her butt0ckz F***ed made her dizzy with disgust. She felt lower than a snake’s belly and wished the terrible experience would stop. But she knew that to protest would just cause her more trouble and pain, so she bitterly resolved herself to what she was told.

The prick staring her in the face wasn’t quite as thick as that of her boss, but it was every bit as long. The cockhead was almost purple from the blood and the veins under the skin of his J0yst!ck that stood out. They looked like crooked roads traveling all around the shaft as the long J0yst!ck throbbed in her face.

The cockhead glistened slightly with the pr£cuum that had spilled in his pants, and the flavour of the natural grease spread across her tongue as she sU-Cked the prick through her lips. Her jaws ached from the hard face-fu-Cking she had suffered from her boss. Her lips closed around the throbbing shaft as her teeth scraped along the hot cockmeat. The aroma of a crotch, with the faint hint of sweat, filled her nose and mind as she sU-Cked his J0yst!ck deeply into her mouth.

“Oh, Sh*t, that feels good!” the salesman groaned, scooting his Unclad butt0ckz forward in the seat. The new position arched his hips outward, driving his hard prick deep into Sharon’s mouth.

The s*x slave secretary was surprised that the J0yst!ck felt different than that of her boss. She had never thought that pricks might be noticeably different. The salesman’s prick tasted slightly of salt, no doubt the salt of crotch sweat. The perspiration gave his J0yst!ck and balls a muskier smell that wasn’t offensive at all.

The J0yst!ck wasn’t as thick as the one she had sU-Cked before, so it didn’t make her jaws ache. And the skin had a softer feel. The rubbery flesh of his cockhead wasn’t as hot and vibrant as the bead of Alex’s J0yst!ck.

To further test its feel, Sharon closed her oral grip even more, pressing up with her tongue and down with the roof of her mouth. She sU-Cked her cheeks in to surround the prick completely, then pulled back.

“Damn!” the salesman exclaimed. “I’ve never felt such a good, J0yst!ck-sU-Cking mouth!”

The words caused a strange feeling to swarm through Sharon’s Unclad body. It warmed her almost like it was a compliment, like saying she was the best J0yst!ck-sU-Cker around. For a second, she revelled in it, then it struck her how evil her satisfaction was. He wasn’t talking about good work or fine appearance, but how good it was to be taping her mouth. Her stomach churned in the shame that washed through her when she realized how terribly she was being used.

Alex scooted up closer to Sharon’s hips. His hands rubbed over her butt0ckz-flesh, then his thumbs pried apart her butt0ckz-cheeks. Her puckered shithole was completely exposed to him, and he chuckled softly as he lined up the tightly closed brown fu-Ckhole with the end of his J0yst!ck. Sharon’s spit was still wet on his prick, and would be enough to allow him to force his J0yst!ck into her butt0ckz. He was going to F**K her tiny asshole until the poor girl bellowed and screamed.

Sharon felt her butt0ckz-crack being spread. She whimpered down over the salesman’s mouthspearing prick. Her shithole was still tender from the butt0ckz fu-Cking she had suffered the night before from the policeman, and she knew that Alex’s prick would cause her terrible pain.

Her teeth closed around the fu-Ckshaft in her mouth as she tried to hang on when she felt Alex’s cockhead jam against the mouth of her asshole. A terrible pressure began to grow on her asshole, then a bolt of pain blasted through her like lightning. Then his throbbing cockhead popped through her shitter and buried itself in her Sh*t canal.

“Sh*t!” the salesman screamed. “She’s chewing on my J0yst!ck! The Goddamn bitch is trying to eat up my prick!”

Two more inches of stabbing fu-Ckmeat screwed into her asshole. The spit she had left on the prick was only barely enough to allow Alex’s J0yst!ck into her butt0ckz. His J0yst!ck scraped hard against the flesh of her butt0ckz-ring, torturing her shithole with pain. As more of the long, thick shaft rammed into her guts, Sharon began to scream around the salesman’s prick.

“She’s vibrating it!” the salesman groaned. “Her screams are like a vibrator on my prick!”

Alex growled. “This asshole is trying to strangle my J0yst!ck! I want to bathe her guts with Pour if you want to shoot your spunk into her mouth!”

?Every inch of Alex’s prick F***ed into Sharon’s asshole. She felt Alex’s heavy balls slap against the gash of her cunt. His cockhair scratched against her Unclad butt0ckz and the fronts of his thighs smacked against the backs of her own. Inside her ashole, it felt like all of her guts were being shoved out of place. The thick, throbbing J0yst!ck F***ed clear up into her stomach, as if a fence post had been thrust into her butt0ckz.

The prick in her mouth was trembling at the rare experience of the hot, tight, J0yst!ck-sU-Cking warmth. The salesman had never felt such a tremendous oral fu-Cking. He wanted more than anything to shoot his scalding Pour into the woman’s throat, and his mind grappled for what he would have to do to bring it about.

When he dragged his prick back out, her tight butt0ckz-ring sU-Cked hard on the surface of his cornholing prick. Her shithole was like a mouth trying to hold his thick shaft inside.

Sharon groaned from the ache in her asshole. The tight ring of muscles that formed her assring was still burning with pain. It felt like her hipbones were being forced violently to the side as Alex’s J0yst!ck was F***ed back into her butt0ckz. She had hoped that the butt0ckz-fu-Cking the policeman had administered the night before would have loosened her asshole up, but the tiny hole had regained its normal tight size. But, as the prick F***ed into her shithole, the pain finally forced her butt0ckz-ring to give up. The screaming muscles finally relented and adjusted, ending some of the intense ache. Her butt0ckz was still uncomfortably plugged, but the searing pain was gone.

Sharon turned her mind back to sU-Cking prick. The salesman’s J0yst!ck was throbbing hard in her mouth. Her mind and body was burning hot with shame at what was going on, but she realized that she was a s*x slave to her boss. Her whole world had turned upside down in the past twenty-four hours, and she didn’t know whether she would ever get her freedom back.

Hard prick spread her asshole wide. Throbbing cockhead jammed against her throat. Sharon’s tongue swirled around the cockhead in her mouth. In her asshole, her boss’ prick was now thundering back and forth, fu-Cking her brutally. The heat of the butt0ckz-F**K was beginning to spread throughout her lower body, and her spine was starting to burn. Her butt0ckz-ring was being stimulated furiously by Alex’s hard-driving J0yst!ck. In her mouth, spit was leaking down all over the salesman’s prick as cunt juices ran down the insides of her thighs.

The large palm of Alex’s hand slammed down on the back of Sharon’s head. Her boss leaned forward as he F***ed his prick into her butt0ckz. The pressure on the back of her head drove her face down hard on the salesman’s prick. All of the force came down onto the end of the cockhead, and the pressure was enough to drive the throbbing prick clear into her throat. The small opening to her gullet was breached, and the cockhead slid down into the gripping pressure of her throat. The muscles of her neck bulged outward, showing the progress of the fu-Ckshaft down her throat as the tormented secretary’s breath was cut off. Her nose was buried in the salesman’s cockhair and her chin moved against his balls. Every bit of his prick was buricd beyond her lips, and half of the long shaft was down her throat.

“Oh Sh*t!” the salesman howled. “She’s deep-throating my prick! My J0yst!ck’s buried halfway to her stomach!”

Alex’s thick prick spread her asshole wide as it F***ed into her guts. His hard prick was cornholing her butt0ckz furiously, causing Alex’s balls to roar. Hot, liquid fire splashed far up her shitbole and spread heat through her butt0ckz. Sharon’s guts felt like they were exploding with lightning bolts of s£nsat!on as the salesman’s long prick hammered back and forth down her throat.

Then the J0yst!ck-sU-Cked, deep-throated prick blossomed even larger, and the salesman was shooting his Pour. The sticky jism greased its way clown into her stomach. At both ends of the captive secretary’s body, fu-Ckholes were being filled with Pour.

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